Chloe Kelly

Freelance Editor

Chloe studied BA (Hons) Filmmaking at Screen and Film School, Brighton and is currently a freelance editor.

“During my three years at Screen and Film School, I acquired invaluable experience across the different departments, due to the range of facilities and variety of units offered there. Though I still have so much to learn, film school equipped me with the perfect starter pack of knowledge and confidence to comfortably survive, after being chucked in the deep end at the start of my internship with Be the Fox. I truly believe that without it, I would have sunk. I owe this and therefore my thanks to the array of amazing staff who work at the Film School, who have always both challenged and encouraged me to do the best I am capable of, many of which I also come away lucky enough to call friends.

One misconception that I had built for myself when starting at the Film School, was that the films I would be a part of making over the three years would be the best I had ever made – it takes time to be a great filmmaker! However, as a lecturer said to me in at the end of my first year “Filmmaking can be compared to pottery. If there are two people in an hour long pottery class, it will be the person that makes the most pots in the hour that will end up with the best pot. Not the person who spends the whole hour concentrating on one. Make mistakes and learn from them”. That stuck with me and had a positive affect on the outlook I had over the two consecutive years. Film School certainly gives you that time and opportunity to make a multitude of films in order to make those mistakes before entering the industry, and continue to learn what it takes to be good at your craft.

I also feel that even though filmmaking is completely about team work, the way I got the most out of the course was to focus on my personal journey alongside that. Only then will you be able to improve and give the most to your team, which will eventually affect the bigger picture. It was definitely the biggest learning curve, not only from an educational point of view but from a personal, that I have ever had. I would never take it back, and would recommend a BA to anyone in doubt, with dreams of a career in the industry.”


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