Nathan Still

Edit Assistant

Nathan is an edit assistant from Shoreham-by-Sea, who has gone on to work for Farm Group after graduating from Screen and Film School in 2019.

After graduating from Screen and Film School, Nathan directed and edited a few freelance music videos before being taken on as a Post-Production Runner at Virtual Post Production in Brighton. From there, he was promoted to Edit Assistant. He is currently working at Farm Group.

What was the most valuable thing about your experience at Screen and Film School?

“Managing stress. Filmmaking involves a lot of problem solving, and people tend to panic every time something goes wrong – and despite tons of planning and preparation, something most likely will.

Instead of fighting it or stressing yourself out, it’s best to just roll with the punches. Take a few minutes and come back with a clear head to try and find an alternative solution and sometimes those alternatives can be even better than what you had initially planned.”

What advice would you offer a recent Screen and Film School graduate?

“Make friends and have fun with your projects. Filmmaking is a team sport and it’s supposed to be fun. Why else would you be doing it? So, try not to take everything too seriously and have a good time on set because you don’t want to burn out before you’ve begun.”


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