Paris Wilder

Production Coordinator at South Shore Film Festival

Paris studied a BA (Hons) in Film Production at Screen and Film School, Brighton and has since gone on to become a Production Coordinator at South Shore Film Festival.

After graduating from Screen and Film School, Brighton, Paris worked on a series of short film/music video shoots before settling into factual television production. Since starting in TV, she has worked on several productions – from cookery shows for Channel Four to BBC Studio’s large scale primetime Christmas show.

Paris currently works as a production coordinator at South Shore Film Festival.

What were the most valuable skills you gained at Screen and Film School?

“Through working on several different productions throughout the years at film school, I gained an understanding of how to work professionally and confidently within the industry. The contacts and guest lecturers provided at the time were a huge help too, as they allowed me to learn even more about what to expect once I graduated.”

What advice would you offer current students at Screen and Film School?

“Learning to handle other people’s working ways and attitudes is hard at first but will be really handy once in a proper working environment. Always being ready to take on a task with a big smile on your face (regardless of the situation) goes a LONG way, and ultimately your hard work will be rewarded with future opportunities.

Be friendly, available and keep in touch with people. There may be someone more experienced than you going for the same job, but when you’re working long hours for long periods with the same people, you always want to work with someone positive and enthusiastic with more to learn, over someone grumpy and rude with more experience!”


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