BA Hons Film Production graduate, Hugo Healy has been crowned the winner of Agora Image’s #Aerial2019 competition with his stunning picture of Indonesia’s largest waterfall, scooping the prize money of $1,000.

The breath-taking snap shows Tumpak Sewu in Java, the largest waterfall in Indonesia, and the Semuru active volcano in the background. Hugo picked up his drone photography skills whilst studying at Brighton Film School, he said: “I have always been into photography and filmmaking. Joining BFS with their amazing tutors and facilities really re-ignited my passion. It inspired me to shoot more, collaborate with other like-minded individuals and pursue my dreams. If I didn’t go to BFS I can’t see myself with a drone now. I really feel like BFS allowed me to work hard with great guidance and achieve things that I would never have been able to. Not only the school itself, but the students have been a great inspiration for me.”

Since graduating in 2018, Hugo has been travelling the world capturing the Earth’s beauty whilst juggling being a part-time firefighter and freelance camera operator for production companies across the South East including Brighton Film School industry partners, he said: “Brighton Film School has allowed me to get work using my skill set and their contacts. I’m currently working on a documentary as a technical runner and drone operator, unfortunately it’s top secret so I can’t say any more, but it was provided to me through the film school’s contacts.”

The competition was judged by Konrad Paluch, who said: “I chose Hugo Healy’s because it combines the beauty of our nature combined with a dramatic and moody vibe making it an outstanding photograph. I also think that he had to be very patient and put a lot of effort into capturing the scene the way he has. The amazing timing of the photo to capture the incredible weather conditions as well as the mood makes this photo a winning image.”

So, how did Hugo capture such a mesmerizing image? He said: “I took the photo with my DJI Mavic Pro 2 and it’s a compilation of four shots put together to make a panoramic photo in order to see the full landscape.”

Hugo’s photos have hit the national headlines with newspapers such as The Sun, The Daily Mail and Brighton’s The Argus all featuring his competition success. Hugo said: “I feel honoured to win the AGORA aerial awards 2019 voted this year’s world’s best drone photo. It’s something I could never have imagined and makes all the 4am sunrises worthwhile. It’s great to get the recognition and exposure and proves that all the hard work does pay off.”

He has since taken other breathtaking aerial pictures of Venice, a castle in Scotland and even a ‘Hogwarts’ style steam train, which are all shared on his influential Instagram page with 4,000 followers.

What’s next for Hugo? He is currently converting a campervan to continue to travel and explore the world, taking stunning images that showcase its beauty and sell these through his website: “I also hope my work will allow me to grow and become recognised by different companies and brands so that I can collaborate and work with them to produce stunning content for marketing campaigns. I will also continue to pursue my career in film and TV, as a tech runner, drone/camera operator.”

Instagram page: @hugohealy