Given the current uncertainty created by the Coronavirus, as Head of Institution, I thought it would be helpful to send a message to all existing students at Screen and Film School, as well as applicants for the next academic year.

On Wednesday the UK Government announced its decision to close schools for an extended period and that GCSE’s and A-Level examinations would be cancelled. As we await confirmation from the Government around the proposed measures to ensure students can still obtain the qualifications they deserve, we will keep applicants fully informed in terms of the steps Screen and Film School is taking to ensure the admissions process is as smooth and efficient as possible.



We understand it is a very difficult time for those students who have been working hard towards their GCSE, A-level and Diploma qualifications and are now unsure about how those qualifications will be awarded in the summer.

Screen and Film School has always been a creative community and, as such, we place a great deal of emphasis on the portfolio element of your application, as your creative ability and goals are at the heart of our curriculum. Therefore, regardless of what plans the Government will announce regarding qualifications, we would like to reassure you that Screen and Film School will primarily be focussing on your portfolio when making an offer. While a level of academic achievement is required for all our degree courses, we will continue to offer places to students who we believe will get the most out of the Screen and Film School experience.

If you have already applied to Screen and Film School, a member of our admissions team will have been in touch with you with detailed guidance on the next steps. We also have a 2020 Student Facebook group set up which you can join at any time to connect with other applicants. These groups can be a great way to connect with your future peers and also share advice and tips for preparing to take the next step into Higher Education.



While our buildings remain closed to visitors, our staff are all working hard behind the scenes to keep our teaching and admissions processes moving forward. Our Admissions team are open as usual and are on hand to give you all the support you need and answer any questions you might have. You can access them via email or by phone, text, or WhatsApp on 07809 418 757.

While there is not currently a fixed date when we will be able to reopen, what is certain is that this situation is not permanent, and we are looking forward to welcoming our new students to Screen and Film School in September 2020.



Further to our communication earlier this week, we have made a commitment to all undergraduate degree students that both learning and assessment in Semester 2 will be delivered on-line and remotely. This will ensure all our students are able to complete this Academic Year.

We will follow the same Academic Calendar weeks regardless of how the situation develops, providing certainty to all Screen and Film School undergraduate degree and HND students.

We will consider individual mitigating circumstances arising from sudden and unforeseen conditions that may prevent you from undertaking those assessments to the revised hand in date.  We understand that everyone’s personal circumstances will be very different given the situation we all face.

If the situation with Coronavirus changes for the better in the coming weeks and months we will continue to deliver on-line and remotely. If we are in a position where our buildings can be reopened during the remainder of this Academic Year, this will provide us with additional options for how content is delivered but for students unable to return to Screen and Film School they will still be able to complete the Academic Year.

We are working with our University Partner, the University of Brighton to ensure changes to learning and assessment uphold academic standards.

In conclusion, I would like to assure all current undergraduate degree students that Screen and Film School is committed to ensuring everyone has the same opportunity to be awarded their degree qualification or progress to the next year of their course which they would have had before the coronavirus situation arose.


Adam Carswell
Chief Executive Officer & Head of Institution