Are you looking to kick-start your career in the film industry, or are you a film enthusiast looking to develop your practical knowledge on how films are produced? Screen and Film School is the perfect place to turn your passion into practice. You will discover the unique experience of studying film in a cosmopolitan seaside city. We understand that time is precious and everyone has diverse needs in their education and professional development, therefore we offer a wide range of short and long courses to develop your practical knowledge and understanding of filmmaking while you still maintain other commitments.

Short Courses

Whatever your passion in film is, we’ve got it covered. We offer short courses for adults and young people ranging from screenwriting to filmmaking and our popular summer schools. The courses are tailored to suit anyone who is either working or still in education, making them extremely convenient and easy to attend each week without committing to a longer or full-time period of study.

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Long Courses

Is your future in film? With specialist degree level courses and diplomas in film production, you know all of our time is invested in you and your chosen career ambition. Screen and Film School has an excellent reputation for producing high quality graduates who are multi-skilled in the film industry.


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