This 10-week short course is perfect for students who are passionate about film and would like to explore different aspects of filmmaking in a fun, practical and creative manner. You will be given the opportunity to work with professional actors to shoot your first short film.

Using a combination of practical workshops, presentations and film analysis, the course will provide you with experience and support in writing for the screen, producing, shooting and editing broadcast-quality moving images, and understanding screen acting techniques from both actor and director perspectives.

The filmmaking part-time course includes:

• Introduction to our HD cameras and sound kit
• Introduction to screenwriting through analysis and creation of a 1 minute drama
• Lighting and acting workshops
• How to construct a scene: the mis-en-scene
• The perfect pitch
• Acting and the camera
• Live shooting
• Editing
• Delivering a final cut

This part-time course is perfect for anyone who is either working or still in education, making it extremely convenient and easy to attend each week without committing to a longer or full-time period of study. After completing this 10-week introduction course, a large majority of students progress onto the nine month diploma, which is taught one day per week.

No previous experience in film is required as you will be introduced to all aspects of the process such as lighting, sound, editing and operating digital cameras. This evening short course is a terrific opportunity for film enthusiasts to dive into the world of filmmaking.

Please be aware that you will need computer literacy skills to be able to adapt to the editing software used efficiently. From week 3 and onward, at least one hour of the course each week is editing work.

Apply now and turn your passion into practice.

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Course nameIntroduction to Filmmaking
Start dateWednesday 27th January 2020
Duration10-week evening class: 6:30pm-9:30pm
Course fees£325

Thank you to Screen and Film School. Things are going great and I’m starting to shoot my first commercials and indie films as a cinematographer. Thanks for all the knowledge you’ve passed to me and Julian is a pretty awesome teacher.

Dan Blasterio

Introduction to Filmmaking