Film Production made the second biggest contribution to the UK economy in 2017 and the lines between film, TV and music have never felt more blurred, thanks to the rise of digital production and the freedom it gives the industry.

We’ve seen plenty of crossover between the creative industry and digital space in recent years, with innovative software and advanced recording techniques replacing traditional means. The rise of social media and the need to stand out online, with a filmic presence that combines music and visual art, has also led artists from both spheres to become more versatile. As such, having specialist skills in several mediums can really set you apart. If you know how to shoot a music video as well as create films, you’ll naturally be at a huge advantage, and vice versa.

Likewise, there are now many routes into the increasingly competitive creative industry. As a result, schools and institutions everywhere are adapting to reflect this fluidity. This includes Brighton Film School, which has just partnered with BIMM (British and Irish Modern Music Institute) to provide a unique set of learning opportunities for students.

The partnership comes after months of discussions. Now, we’re finally pleased to share the news that we’ll be working closely together, along with the Brighton Institute of Contemporary Theatre Training performing arts college (BRICTT), whose students will also benefit, as part of the Brighton creative education community.

Reflecting on the partnership, Gary Barber Brighton Film School Creative Director said: “For the past five years, Brighton Film School has collaborated with BIMM to work closely with their bands and solo artists to produce music promos. This current year we have eight promos in production which have proven to be a great experience for both groups of students. Brighton Film School has grown in both reputation and quality of films produced, and we now have a wide range of films selected for international festivals. Our graduates work in a range of roles from directors, writers, producers, camera department, gaffers, production co-ordinators and editors. We welcome and look forward to the exciting new partnership with BIMM and to producing many more award-winning films.”

BIMM Business Development & Creative Careers Director, Vaseema Hamilton adds: “We know that music, film, TV and digital technologies are inextricably linked and will provide students collaborative opportunities in this exciting £4BN global sector. Brighton is the ideal location to start this given its diverse creative community and digital infrastructure that can inspire students to become the next generation of creative digital professionals.”

So, what do these opportunities look like? Those who already study at Brighton Film School will know we always encourage our students to work with BIMM to develop their learning. Many have done so, including first year Filmmaking students working with Professional Musicianship Vocal graduate Caitlin Moss to create a music video. She said: “I really enjoyed collaborating with the Brighton Film School. It was lovely to work with students my age who were excited about my music and the video.”

With the partnership, we can strengthen these bonds and formalise our syllabus, with the option of rolling this out across all eight of BIMM’s colleges. Working with BIMM also means we’ll be able to share resources and state-of-the-art facilities to enhance the Brighton Film School learning experience for all current and future students.

So, whether you have a passion for film, music or both, you’ll be well catered for at Brighton Film School, alongside tomorrow’s generation of creative visionaries.

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