Paris Wilder studied Film Production at Brighton Film School for three years. Since graduating in June 2017, she has fully immersed herself into the British Film industry in her quest to becoming a Producer. This is Paris’ monthly diary since graduating…



Over the month of August, I worked as a co-producer on a promotional video for Panasonic. Over the course of four weeks, it was my job to organise the filming and traveling permits needed as well as sorting the legalities of using a low-loader (a vehicle that tows an action vehicle so that camera and lights can be attached). This included contacting the local police in each region we filmed in. I also managed the insurance of a 1970’s Vespa and organised the proper permissions to fly a drone over a protected area of land. I also managed the props and costumes throughout the film shoot. Overall, it was a great experience that has given me a lot of help in understanding these issues that I will definitely come up against in the future. This was also my first properly paid piece of work since graduation and has given me a confident boost for proceeding in the industry.



Over September, I didn’t do a lot of physical shooting but instead took the time to discuss projects with other artists. For example, I started the planning for a comedy web series with a graduate of the NFTS ‘Comedy Writing’ course. We were working towards a pilot to pitch to television production companies. As well as this, I re-connected with Michele D’Acosta, documentary filmmaker and former tutor at Brighton Film School, who I am now working with on her various projects. For example, I edited a promo for a UK based charity who Michele is working with. Watch this space as I’m working on future projects with the charity too.



In October, I continued to develop my ideas from September with the comedy show but I also came onto a short called ‘Other Conspiracies’, which was part of the ‘Random Acts’ Channel 4 incisive as a 3rd AD. Although short, I used this to network and meet other filmmakers who I could hopefully collaborate with in the future. I’m also continuing my work with Michele taking on the responsibility of promoting her award winning short film ‘Cooking The Earth’ and re-branding this on social media.



This month, I am developing with a friend a documentary on the homeless issue in Brighton and the charities that take on this somewhat insurmountable task. Throughout the next month, I will be in pre-production for this documentary focusing on finding funding and participants as well as setting up my own production company. Also, I’m finishing the sound design and colour grading for two short films I produced with other final year Brighton Film School students, preparing them for the international film festival circuit. Hopefully, in a year we can announce that we’ve been officially selected for some!