A Brighton Film School end of year film has been officially selected for a number of prestigious film festivals across the globe.

Directed and written by Jack Martin, ‘Nailman’ has officially been selected at London International Short Film Festival, Calcutta International Cult Film Festival, Largo Film Awards and was a semi-finalist at Los Angeles CineFest. Largo Film Awards described the short film as ‘a breath of fresh air’ and ‘undoubtedly a well made film crafted with care and passion, and showcases a great deal of potential.’

What makes it so special? Arguably, one factor is that it was shot with Super 16mm film. Director Jack said: “The DoP and I both agreed the story would benefit films naturally beautiful and organic look, while also being evocative of memory and times now past.  We didn’t know any student who had shot on film in the last five years. We worked out if we put all of our budget into buying and developing the film stock, we could shoot on film!”

‘Nailman’ is about a 14 year old boy, Will, who is shown how quickly love can turn and the effects it has on a young heart. Jack was inspired by his own childhood, he said: “This story is based on my own experiences of growing up in the country, falling in and out of love. I also wanted to explore the strange and sometimes dangerous actions children take when they can not control their anger but do not wish to harm the people around them.”

Pre-production was planned precisely to incorporate the inspiration behind the script as much as possible. For example, casting of the characters took place at Jack’s old school in Gloucestershire.  The school allowed Jack to do an acting workshop/casting with four groups. He said: “The workshop showed the students the importance of having three- dimensional characters and how a character can start the scene as a ‘victim’ but by the end of the scene they may well be an ‘aggressor’. By putting them through a scenario that contained an emotional transition from victim to aggressor I was able to show them certain acting techniques while seeing how good they were at taking direction and the emotional transitions in the scene.”

Jack saw 114 students and set up a call back of 12, 4 for each character in the script. From the 12 he cast Megan Cobbs as Alex and Alice Horne as Violet. But it was clear he needed to go elsewhere to find Will, the central protagonist.

Brighton Film School filmmaking tutor and feature film Director, Eva Riley, recommended a boy she cast three years ago for her short film ‘Joyride’ and the character of Will was cast.

‘Nailman’ is still waiting to hear back from a few more international film festivals. We will keep our film followers updated with its successes… Watch this space!