Brighton Film School prides itself on being industry-led and training the next generation of filmmakers…

It is the film schools priority to gain regular insight into the ever-evolving industry. On Thursday 13th December, we’re hosting a feedback event with a wide range of industry experts to discover where the film industry is progressing and how we can prepare our film students to grasp all the opportunities that are available to them. In addition to this, we hope to discover how we can make it easier for the film and television industry to access our pool of new talent and what skills are important to them.

Attendees to the event include:

Georgia Rooney – Chief Operations Officer, Nice Media
Mia Xerri – Producer, The Contrast Collective
Lisa Fairbank – Managing Director, Factory Films
Jamie Patterson – Director, Jumpstart Productions
Gavin Shepherd – Sound Engineer, Electric Square
Erik Selby – Director, Witness BTN
Ivan Griffiths – Editor
Jenni Lewin-Turner – Creative Producer, UrbanFlo
Michele D’Acosta – Documentary filmmaker

Stay tuned and we will update you on the feedback we receive.