A Fun Light-Hearted Watch

Jessica Buckley in “Wild Rose” directed by Tom Harper. George Steel/ Entertainment One

Wild rose is a music centered lighthearted Drama about Glasgow’s answer to Taylor Swift if she was working class with a criminal record and 2 kids.

After watching the trailer, I was pretty sure it was going to be a typical British light-hearted drama where the ambitious working-class girl overcomes the obstacles in her life to achieve her dream and I was mostly right.

Wild by nature, Wild by vocabulary the main character Rose-Lynn’s (played by Jessie Buckley) bold performance carries the film. Fresh out of prison in spite of her ankle tag and the responsibilities of motherhood she is determined to be Nashville’s next big thing. Despite her questionable mothering skills and rash decision making you can’t help but root for her. Rose-Lynn is usually bold and confident until she has to face her kids. It’s clear she cares about her kids but it’s interesting how the Director Tom Harper plays with the fact that she wishes she was childless.

Rose-Lynn’s long-suffering mother Marion is played by Julie Walters. Walter’s plays this role with ease; her harsh maternal exterior feels familiar and her old school lectures of her wishes to Rose-Lynn be realistic about her job prospects felt personal. Harper also makes sure we get to see her softer and more emotionally supportive side mimicking the everyday relationships between mother’s and daughters.

Susanna played by Sophie Okonedo employs Rose-Lynn as a domestic worker in her home unaware of her criminal background or children. Susanna is seeming the only one who believes in Rose-Lynn and pushes her to put in the work needed to excel. She acts as the big sister we all wish we had.

The cinematherapy George Steel has strong background in television and incorporated much of this in to this film. A shot that caught my eye was one used with a telephoto style lens that condenses Rose-Lynn and magnifies the building she wants to get in to. I personally think the film could have benefited from more experimental shots became repetitive at times.

The film is heavenly music based but I wouldn’t call it a musical because the music didn’t carry the narrative. I was surprised the score wasn’t more imaginative. The soundtrack often doubled as the score which felt a bit sloppy. I think a more evident country music inspired score wore would have improved the film greatly.

The film started off strong and establishes the storyline and the characters early on. However, I think the storyline dragged on. However, the comedic elements helped up lifts thinks when things got boring.

Wild Rose is an ambitious independent British film with a strong lead that champions never giving up on your dreams and argues that success isn’t always found under the bright lights in the U.S. This light-hearted film with a sprinkle of drama is a simple film that gives us the happy ending we all crave.

Rating 2.5/5

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