In June, Callum Morrison graduated from the Filmmaking Diploma and has since progressed steadily into the film industry…

His venture kicked off with publishers expressing interest in Callum producing video content on their authors after the success of a short documentary he directed during his nine months on the diploma course. We caught up with Callum to find out what he’s up to now:


As part of the Filmmaking Diploma course that you graduated from in June, you directed a short documentary. Could you discuss the process you went through with regards to developing the idea, undertaking the role of director, post production and screening it to the client and peers?

The subjects of the documentary, Sue and Paul, are friends of mine, and are successful children book authors. Knowing their personalities, I knew we could make a really fun little documentary. As far as development, I thought the story would become apparent after the interview, when I had prodded and poked them a little with my questions. We had a small crew (three of us) who all got on well, which created a relaxed atmosphere so direction went quite easily.
I edited and animated the film, which took me a while as I have a full time job and a young family. I was quite pleased with the the finished product, but have been a bit nervous when screening it. Luckily Sue and Paul loved it, and so have their publishers who have asked me to make some more films for them.


What other roles did you undertake on the Diploma course and how useful was it to try a range of crew roles?

I was a producer on another project which gave me insight into all the different roles on a film set. I also directed a short on 16ml in my first few weeks on the course. It was a bit crazy, but great fun. The course gives you a good understanding and lets you try out loads of different jobs.

Since graduating, has the course enabled you to undertake freelance roles, and if so, could you describe what these were?

I have just finished a motion graphics job on a short for Ditch The Label. I got the job because the film school recommended me to the client! I had fun working on it too. I now have three short films to make for the publishers of my documentary subjects.

What are your future plans and will you be continuing to work with your peers you met on the course?

I hope to get more film work and give up my day job completely (I have just dropped my hours so I can do more film work). A few of my peers are already trying to get a couple of short films together, which we are all excited about.