At Screen and Film School we love watching our students and graduates working on projects they’re passionate about.

This week we caught up with First Year BA Hons Film Production student Lucy Rollinson-Payne about her first semester project. The documentary centres around local musician “ALEX” and her producer, Brodie Marshall on how they created the song “UBUD” together, documenting the songwriting process to performing it live.

What was it about this project that initially caught your interest?

I love watching musician documentaries on how they work –  I often watch a lot on YouTube or Apple Music. Specifically though however, I took the most inspiration from the YouTube series with Billie Eilish where her and her producer/brother, FINNEAS, talk about how and why they wrote specific songs.

How did you approach the filmmaking process?

As the musicians are also my housemates, I had been filming a lot of the B-roll footage before the assignment was set as I was already planning to make a similar video. The B-roll footage includes the clips of the recording in the house, live performances etc. Regarding the main interview, it was filmed in my artists bedroom and we had all arranged a date we were free to do it.



What was your favourite part of the process?

I enjoyed all of it, if I’m being completed honest! I enjoyed researching into music documentaries as I love watching them, and I also love the production and post-production process! I also included small animations in my video as that is something else I like to do. In regards to the most challenging part, when editing we were only allowed to go just over 3 minutes, so making sure I had included all the important points but also have the right pacing for the audience took a couple of different edits. I feel as if though that is often a difficult task.

What’s next for you in terms of filmmaking?

Currently we are having to make a documentary at home regarding how we are finding isolation. I’m wanting to take more of an abstract route to it, and I want it to be interesting and engaging – something that no one has seen before.