Brighton Film School lecturers directed and produced short film for national charity

Filmmaking lecturer Julian Kerridge and Screenwriting lecturer Martin Sadofski directed and produced a short film for the national charity ‘HOPE not hate’. The charity is running a campaign to counter racism and fascism in elections and local communities.

Coldplay invited the charity to use their soundtrack and John Simm did the voice over.

Brighton Film School lecturers are industry professionals, constantly working on short films and productions alongside teaching our aspiring filmmaking students.

Julian said: “Martin and I have worked together in a Producer / Director partnership for a number of years now and Martin was approached about a month ago by Silverfish media – after we made a quite a successful film for them last Christmas for the Labour party. This time we had quite an open remit in that we were given the task of “changing the word hope to hate” and finding ways to give life, character and personality to the film so that it felt spontaneous and inclusive. In the end, we used a mixture of staged moments in which the word hate was changed to hope and we inter-cut real footage of people we’d literally stopped in the street and asked them to take part. We’re both really pleased with the result because it feels quite organic and fresh but with a clear narrative running through it.”