Over 40 industry professionals were in attendance at the first Brighton Film School Industry Placement Launch

At Brighton Film School, we’re dedicated to giving our students the skills, confidence, contacts and opportunities to thrive in the British film industry. On 30th April, BFS launched it’s first ever industry placement event, giving second and third years the opportunity to meet a wide range of industry professionals to make valuable contacts and find out which placements/internships they would like to apply for.

There were many different industry professionals in attendance from a variety of disciplines including post-production, animation, cinematography, management and planning, writing and directing as well as sound. Production companies as far as London and freelancers local to Brighton were offering freelance work, 2-4 week placements and regular internships throughout the year just for BFS students.

Mia Xerry, Producer from Be The Fox, was extremely impressed with the students, she said: “I had some really lovely chats with people. There was a mixture of people from different backgrounds, men and women, older people, younger people, but also its really interesting to see people interested in a wide range of roles. There’s a real enthusiasm and a genuine wanting to learn and hopefully this is as beneficial for them as it is for us.”

Mia also explained why Be The Fox production company wanted to get involved with Brighton Film School, she said: “We really see the value in reaching out not only to local people but younger people as well, I think it can be quite easy to be fairly established in a career, assume you know everything and assume that you have all the talent around you but actually its an industry where you need to constantly be open-minded to young talent and to fresh ideas.”

The evening kicked off with students meeting the industry professionals and sharing their aspirations and projects they’re working on. This was followed by a presentation by BFS Principal Itziar Leighton on the importance of industry engagement for the students and how enhancing their employability is priority to the film school.

Second year student Jackie Du Bled has already completed a 6-week internship with feature film production company Jumpstart Productions, she said: “It was so much fun, I actually got to be on set as a runner and it was an amazing experience, it was the first time I’ve done that and its already helped me get so many contacts. This course its been really great at preparing me for the industry, there is a lot of practical elements, I know similar film courses don’t cover industry working practice in the same way Brighton Film School does. I found it very helpful on set as a runner as I already knew a lot of the lingo and practices that are expected.”

Second year student Shannon Bafundila finds the industry placement programme very beneficial, she said: “As were applying for internships it gives the people who are going to be offering you the job a chance to meet you in person. It is competitive but that is how it is going to be in the industry, I think its good that BFS is holding these events because in the film industry you have to network and the fact that were actually doing this and that were being thrown into this is actually really good.”

Final year top-up student, Connor Kinsey has also felt Brighton Film School has prepared him to enter the film industry, he said: “The facilities at BFS are amazing because I’m used to having to do things alone, in a run and gun way with a camera I’m borrowing, and instead we have a full team of staff and crew who are specific to their departments. Having the budget to fund that as well is a huge support, also it makes you want to think bigger and go the extra mile with your projects rather than keeping it as basic as possible. My year at Brighton Film School was not long enough. A bit overwhelming at times but its been the best year of education I’ve had.”

Second year students will begin their summer work placements in July and final year students are already being scouted for job opportunities ready for when they graduate next month.