Daniel Garcia Robles

MA Mentor

Editor: Documentary (Specialist Factual)

Daniel Garcia Robles is a Spanish-British documentary editor based in London, UK, specializing in the genres of Specialist Factual (Science, Technology, History, Natural History), Dramatised Documentary, Investigative, True Crime, Factual Entertainment, and Sport.

He has worked with the most prestigious tv networks and channels across the world including Netflix, Disney, Nat Geo, MTV, Discovery, Smithsonian, BBC, Channel 4, and PBS.

Over his many years of experience, he's worked in some of the most popular tv shows and tv events across the world and helped win awards such as Best nature/science Programme of the year RTS award for "Live from space" in 2015, broadcast simultaneously from the ISS to the USA and UK.

Daniel's career in tv and film began in 1996 studying a BA in Audio Visual Productions at London Guildhall University, where he acquired a foundation in writing and shooting for tv, collaborating in several shorts and low-budget feature films.

He discovered the magic of editing while making his first 16mm short film at Panico Studios, funded by Terry Jones (Monty Python) cutting on a Steenbeck editing machine.

Back in 1996, he pioneered non-linear editing on the first Avid systems while working in commercials, pop promos, docs and one indie feature film " Symphony For The Devil" at Shepperton Studios.


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