Graham Duff

Brighton College Patron

Graham is an experienced and prolific writer for screen, radio, stage and print, best known for sit-coms such as Ideal, Hebburn and Nebulous. Often taking inspiration from the worlds of music, horror, sci-fi and art house cinema, Graham’s scripts mix genres and cross boundaries. They also attract some of the biggest names in British comedy, including Steve Coogan, Johnny Vegas, Mark Gatiss, Julia Davis, Sean Lock and Simon Pegg. Graham joined Screen and Film School as Brighton College Patron in February 2020. “One of the things which really marks out Screen and Film School is the fact that it’s primarily run by industry professionals with a wide range of practical experience behind them,” says Graham. “The school has a strong reputation for nurturing and developing the full spectrum of TV and film skills. There’s also a sense of experimentation and play here – it’s more than just a school, it’s a laboratory. If I was young and just starting to feel my way into the industry, this is where I’d want to be.”
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