Helen Wickham

MA Mentor

Editor/ Edit Producer  

Born in Dublin, Helen trained as an actor and worked as an assistant director at the Focus Theatre and the Finborough Theatre in London, before graduating with an MA in Theatre and Film from the University of Glasgow.

Since then, she has worked primarily in documentary filmmaking and editing as an in-house documentary film producer and editor for Brook Lapping Productions where she produced and edited over 20 short and long form documentaries.  
She was awarded the National Education Journalist of the Year in 2008 for the Behind the Headlines series. And went on to edit numerous documentaries for Channel 4’s Dispatches as well as editing and edit producing on longer running character driven series. 
Most recently, she has been working as a development and script consultant with independent theatre company Elpis. And has just finished work as Story Producer on Let Me Take You Down, a feature documentary for SKY/ HBO and is developing a drama series with LA based, Katorga productions. 


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