Michele D’Acosta

Brighton College Patron

Michele D'Acosta is best known as producer of the award-winning documentary Biggie & Tupac, which has been acknowledged as one of the 50 most important documentary films of the past 25 years. She was also co-executive producer of the music documentary No Distance Left to Run, which was nominated for Best Long Form Music Video for the 53rd Grammy Awards. She has worked as a producer at HBO, BBC, and Channel 4. Diversity empowerment group, The TV Collective, recognised Michele D’Acosta as one of the 50 most influential People of Colour in British Television. Michele joined Screen and Film School as Brighton College Patron in July 2020. “I feel part of a family and a community of filmmakers and pioneers with the ethos and vision to use the medium of film as a catalyst for positive social change. Another initiative to highlight is the school’s five year guarantee to the alumni community. This commitment helps graduates to stay in touch with an extensive network of industry contacts, and to receive career support from the school’s dedicated Industry Liaison team. I know from personal experience how challenging it can be to leave the rarefied world of film school and enter the real world!”
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