5 minutes with your Birmingham College Principal

12 March, 2021

Getting to know Screen and Film School Birmingham Principal, Hannah Stevenson.

Hannah Stevenson is a producer with an abundance of industry experience spanning over 20 years. Hannah started her career working at Granada TV working in live television before filming, producing, and directing her own pre-recorded lifestyle programmes. Hannah recently produced the feature film ‘Eaten by Lions’, released theatrically in cinemas nationwide, winning ‘Best Film’ at London Indian Film Festival and ‘Best Comedy Feature’ at Prague Film Awards.

We caught up with Hannah this week for a quick-fire round of questions, from her favourite film directors, to the strangest film screening she’s ever been to. Sit back and enjoy- this is 5 minutes with your Birmingham College Principal.

Name: Hannah Stevenson

Role: Film producer and College Principal for the eagerly anticipated Screen and Film School Birmingham.

Describe yourself in three words: Blooming hard working!

Favourite thing about your job: I just love the feeling when a groups of like minded individuals are all working towards a common creative goal, everyone making something the very best it can be!

I’m at my happiest when: I’m on set. By then most of my hard work as producer is done and it is seeing that hard work come to life on screen.

First film you watched: E.T

Last film you watched: I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore.

Favourite film: So many it’s difficult to decide. I love When Harry Met Sally, The Philadelphia Story, Sabrina (Audrey Hepburn classic) but Cinema Paradiso – I watched this when I was at university and it has stayed with me. It is a romantic film about growing up that celebrates cinema in all its glory. I love the scene where they project a film on the side of a whitewashed Italian building. Oh to be there!

Favourite director: Taika Waititi though I should also name check Jason Wingard who I regularly collaborate with! Actually, they both combine with humour and pathos to speak to wider political or societal issues.

Favourite film soundtrack: You Were Never Really Here

Favourite female actor: I can’t decide between the Hepburns! Audrey or Katharine.

Favourite male actor: Joaquin Pheonix or Sam Rockwell

Who would play you in a film of your life: Oh goodness – an unknown I imagine!

Favourite line of dialogue: “Who loves ya baby?”

Favourite cinema: I have fond memories of the Lounge and the Cottage Road in Leeds as that is where my parents took me to see E.T as a child. I love the Midlands Arts Centre in Birmingham and the Mockingbird in Digbeth near where our college will be based.

Preferred cinema snack: Salty popcorn

Best film memory: Having Johnny Vegas on set for Eaten By Lions. He was an absolute tonic and had Jack Carroll in stitches. Johnny said to me after staying up with the director the night before “Hannah I’m wearing the same underwear for continuity!”

Strangest film screening: The Big Chill Festival used to have a drive in cinema with broken down American cars in a field in the Cotswolds. I think I watched a bit of Pulp Fiction there passing through.

Favourite piece of film memorabilia: I have a poster designed by Stan Chow for Eaten By Lions that has pride of place on my wall. I love it!

What is your guiltiest film or tv pleasure: I love the French crime series Spiral which is great but not that guilty a pleasure…probably Unreal – its ridiculous but fun. The Breakfast Club for film – classic. My best friend Ella and I would watch it on repeat! Also I love singing along to The Sound of Music. It is usually on around Easter and it is always an occasion for me.

Favourite tagline: The Longer You Wait, The Harder It Gets – 40 year old virgin



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