Behind the Scenes of our Manchester Riverside update: The Sports Drone Game-Changer

24 August, 2021

We recently took a sneak peek behind the scenes of our latest Manchester Riverside Studios vlog – one in a series of updates featuring Screen and Film School Manchester College Principal David Thompson (and his hard hat!).

This time around we had the extreme pleasure of having Screen and Film School Brighton graduate and high-flying Drone Cinematographer Hugo Healy alongside us. Hugo took time out from his busy work schedule in Dubai to assist us and to provide a new, airborne perspective on the progress that is being made with our building ahead of our grand opening in September.

Hugo studied A-Level Photography in Brighton before starting his degree at our flagship Screen and Film School on the south coast. Since graduating in 2018, he has become a professional drone pilot, camera operator and photographer who travels the world capturing stunning imagery for a living. Currently, Hugo’s award-winning work sees him living in Dubai, where he has previously created content for big brands, including Nike, Jeep, Dubai Tourism and even international DJ David Guetta.

When discussing why he chose to pick up a drone and specialise in that area he said:

“I decided to buy a drone during my second year of film school. Looking back, the decision worked wonders. Although I brought it for filmmaking, having a drone re-ignited my passion for photography. I was now able to see the world from a whole new angle, capturing unique patters and symmetry in the natural and man-made world.”

Hugo has recently started utilising a new form of drone technology to assist his work, something he was keen to demonstrate to David in Manchester:

 “With the development in technology in drones for sport, I’ve started using them since seeing the amazing results on Right Up Our Alley, a film which went viral in March earlier this year. The effect is amazing, and particularly with a site like Riverside Studios in Manchester. It gives you a great insight into a building-in-progress and helps to see how the site is going to be laid out.”

College Principal David Thompson was somewhat taken aback at the shoot when Hugo unpacked his impressive sports drone:

“I was completely blown away. I couldn’t believe the technology that Hugo was applying to this kind of environment and his skills were incredible. It looked like something from a spaceship and Hugo operated it with such ease it was like he was playing a video game. The propeller and engine noise sounded more like it belonged in an episode of Stranger Things!”

We’re committed to being on the cusp of change and evolution here at Screen and Film School Manchester, and we’re delighted we could welcome a graduate back to show us the ropes on this occasion.

Keep a look out for Hugo’s footage being used in the coming months at any one of our three schools in Birmingham, Brighton and Manchester.


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