Screen and Film School Birmingham Welcomes Major Facility Expansion

3 May, 2024

BIMM University has unveiled a £2.1 million upgrade to the Screen and Film School facilities at the Birmingham campus, elevating the total investment to a whopping £8 million since its inauguration in 2017. This significant development comes at a time when the local arts scene faces severe budget cuts from Birmingham City Council, underscoring the university’s commitment to nurturing creative talent.

Nestled in Digbeth, the pulsating heart of Birmingham’s creative quarter, the Screen and Film School students find themselves amidst a dynamic hub for media and creative industries. This location is not only ripe with opportunities but is also set to welcome new BBC studios, further enhancing prospects for student collaboration and professional growth.

Upgraded Facilities for Future Filmmakers

The campus boasts impressive facilities sprawling over 13,000 sq. ft, including two production studios designed for drama, live TV, and promos, as well as a state-of-the-art screening room featuring 4K projection and Dolby Atmos. The facilities also include newly added film studios with an infinity cove and advanced lighting setups, emulating a professional TV studio environment.

Harnessing the Potential of Creative Talent

James Maiden, Birmingham Campus Dean, shared his excitement about the opportunities offered by this new investment:

“This investment really harnesses the true potential of our Performers College and Screen and Film Schools, arriving in time to launch our first graduating year into their careers.

“BIMM University’s Birmingham campus is a unique education space, where these schools, and our established BIMM Music Institute, are all thriving together in the Creative Quarter of Birmingham. Here students collaborate and inspire, providing an experience that ensures future generations of talent are able to grow in the UK’s second city. Music, film, theatre, and dance; the future of creativity is happening right here in Birmingham.”

Access to Professional-Grade Filmmaking Equipment

The school also benefits from a variety of professional-grade equipment, including the flagship Arri Alexa Mini camera, Sony A753 cameras, and Black Magic Pocket cameras, not to mention the classic charm of Celluloid Super 8 cameras. These tools are available alongside expansive facilities for set building, allowing students to create without constraints.

Opportunities for Practical Experience and Networking

Sam Hope, Dean of Film at Screen and Film School Birmingham, says:

“I’m very excited that Birmingham has a specialist Screen and Film School with excellent facilities from this investment, and the fantastic opportunities this brings to students and to the city, by producing the next generation of talented screen and film professionals.

“Not only is Birmingham located in the heart of the country, but the people of Birmingham are also big-hearted and welcoming. Birmingham is vibrant, with a young, diverse population. It is a creative place with a strong cultural sector, events, festivals and nightlife.

“Our students at Screen and Film School Birmingham have access to fantastic industry equipment, as well as industry professionals, creative thinkers, and change-makers. This offers them great opportunities to experience industry through work placements, masterclasses, and to learn from our brilliant team of teaching staff. This, alongside access to cutting-edge spaces, facilities and studios helps our students to gain the confidence to try new things and to maximise their potential to become proactive and successful creative industries professionals when they graduate.”

Enhanced Editing Suites for Student Projects

Edit suites, upgraded to a total of six, offer students personal spaces equipped with cutting-edge Apple Mac computers and professional editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro and Da Vinci Resolve, ensuring that they can work on their projects in a distraction-free environment.

Networking with the Film Industry

Further enriching student experiences, Screen and Film School maintains relationships with local cinemas like The Mockingbird Cinema, enabling students to showcase their work and network with industry leaders at regular student film screening events.

A Hub for Tomorrow’s Creative Professionals

As Digbeth continues to attract investment into media and creative industries, Screen and Film School stands as a beacon of opportunity, preparing the next generation of screen and film professionals to excel in an ever-evolving industry landscape.


Come and experience our wonderful Birmingham campus at our upcoming undergraduate open day on 15th June 2024.

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