BIMM University Introduces The Fair Access Fund for 2024 Courses

16 May, 2024

At BIMM University, we believe that a diverse student body makes for a more creative and dynamic community. That’s why we are committed to promoting equal opportunities for all students, and we actively seek to recruit a diverse student body that reflects the wider creative community.

With that in mind, BIMM University is excited to announce the launch of The Fair Access Fund, a bursary initiative aimed at encouraging students from underrepresented and financially disadvantaged backgrounds to pursue their dream career in the creative industries.

Impact and Success of The Fair Access Fund

Last year, The Fair Access Fund made a huge impact, supporting well over 600 students. This comprised 590 bursaries and 136 smaller access awards, providing crucial financial assistance to students facing various challenges and hardships.

What makes The Fair Access Fund so important is that it assists underrepresented higher education students, including those from low-income backgrounds, care leavers, care-experienced individuals, estranged students, those with disabilities, mature students, and students from the Global Majority.

Specific Support for Screen and Film School Students

The Fair Access Fund is instrumental for Screen and Film School students, offering financial aid packages of up to £1,500 per academic year. This support is crucial for living expenses, acquiring essential course materials such as cameras, editing software, and film production equipment, and accessing resources like the Disabled Students’ Allowance for additional learning support.

“The Fair Access Fund really helped me with paying for my transport for the bus to the train station. It also allowed me to pay for my travel on the train to get to and from campus. Having this fund allowed me to not have to worry about my money for commuting and it helped me to be able to focus more on my degree and enjoy it.” – Student studying BA Filmmaking at Screen and Film School, Manchester

Screen and Film School is dedicated to nurturing talent from diverse backgrounds, ensuring that every student has the opportunity to excel in the film, screen, and gaming industries. The Fair Access Fund aligns perfectly with this mission, making high-quality film education accessible to those who might otherwise be unable to afford it.

A Diverse and Inclusive Environment

Screen and Film School prides itself on creating an inclusive environment where students from all walks of life can thrive. The Fair Access Fund enhances this commitment by breaking down financial barriers, allowing students from underrepresented groups to fully participate in the learning experiences we offer.


How to Apply

We are now taking registrations of interest for The Fair Access Fund. We will be in touch after 1 June 2024 to start the conversation about how we can support you.

Click here for more information on the Fair Access Fund.

Click here to register your interest in applying.


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