Screen and Film School becomes part of BIMM University after being awarded university status

21 July, 2022

Our creative partner and the validator of our degree courses, BIMM Institute, has been formally recognised as the UK’s newest university for the creative industries.

Everyone at Screen and Film School are delighted to announce that BIMM Institute has been granted full university status by the Department for Education.

Screen and Film School work closely with BIMM – Europe’s largest music education provider – and this has huge advantages for both institutions: BIMM has music colleges located in Birmingham, Brighton and Manchester, meaning that Screen and Film School students can work with their peers and gain access to a range of musicians and bands for projects. This provides endless opportunities for collaboration, especially in the production of music videos. With this announcement, Screen and Film School will now officially be part of BIMM University.

CEO and Head of Institution, Adam Carswell said:

“This is a tremendous accolade for our Institution. It is the culmination of a long journey to develop the educational character of our Institution, together with our academic processes and corporate governance. We are proud of this tremendous achievement, which enables us to continue to develop our unique brand of education for students seeking a career in the creative industries.

I would like to express my thanks to every one of our staff and lecturers who have played a critical role in our journey.”

Professor Louise Jackson, Academic Director and Provost said:

“It is such a joy to be able to announce to our students, alumni, and colleagues past and present that we have been approved to use university title and become BIMM University. To become a university is not a simple act; it is the most significant moment of recognition for an institution of higher education, and it builds upon decades of endeavour. The term university is internationally understood, defined by its community of knowledge creators and leaders who transform societies for the better through innovation and rigorous hard work.

I am immensely proud of the unique contribution our communities make to both the higher education sector and the creative industries, and the way in which our graduates embrace their role in transforming the world around us through their creativity. More than ever the world needs specialist universities that do not just conserve the past but develop new artistic practices and outputs to help us engage in myriad ways with what it means to be human. I cannot describe how thrilled I am that BIMM University, now recognised as an equal to other distinguished seats of learning, will continue to lead the way across all our art forms.”

What does university status for BIMM mean for Screen and Film School?

BIMM University comprises a range of creative colleges that includes music (BIMM Institute), performing arts (Institute for Contemporary Theatre,  Performers College,  Northern Ballet School), and film and TV (Screen and Film School). As a group, BIMM’s new university status neatly unites these different colleges under one prestigious roof. Their joint mission going forward is to drive collaboration and prepare the next generation of creative industry professionals for a long and sustainable career.

Moreover, gaining university status requires certain criteria to be fulfilled. These include demonstrating high academic standards, good governance, and financial robustness. As BIMM now stand shoulder-to-shoulder with other universities, their new status serves to evidence the high quality of teaching and the student experience at all of their colleges, as well as their ability to grow and flourish in a challenging environment.

What does university status mean for Screen and Film School students?

BIMM’s journey to gaining university status started in 2019 when they were granted Taught Degree-Awarding Powers (TDAP). These powers allowed them to take control of their course design, which in turn allowed Screen and Film School to do the same – writing and amending our own courses to follow the industry’s needs and demands. This autonomy gives Screen and Film School students the best introduction to the creative industries.

BIMM’s new university status is a privilege and one that everyone at the Film School is committed to upholding. For our own students, it recognises our ability to maintain the standards expected of universities around the world. It also shows that our courses have been robustly scrutinised and tested.

Following this news from our creative partners, studying at Screen and Film School will continue to provide students with the opportunity for interdisciplinary collaboration above and beyond the focus of each course on its own. Finally, a degree from BIMM University will enjoy international recognition and will provide each student with a head start in our industry.



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