Screen and Film School Manchester announce brand-new industry partner: Screen Manchester

28 July, 2022

At Screen and Film School, we’re dedicated to giving students the skills, experience, contacts and confidence to let them thrive in the film industry. We have unique access to production and media companies throughout Manchester and our aim is to find opportunities that give our students an understanding of how the industry works, and to initiate work placements and internships.

We have built a strong network of partners since we opened Riverside Studios last September, and this list is growing all the time. We’re thrilled to introduce you to one of the most recent organisations that we have built an association with: Screen Manchester. Our ultimate aim is to work closely alongside Screen Manchester to provide our students with vital industry contacts, facetime with industry experts in the form of masterclasses, as well as providing a clear pathway to the world of work upon graduating. We’re confident that the brilliant Manchester-based organisation will allow us to just that.

Manchester 1930s Film set outside

Screen Manchester deliver a comprehensive support service for all types of production seeking permission to film on location in Manchester. Their experienced team have worked on a broad range of high-end TV, feature films and commercial productions and provide a detailed service to their clients which includes location finding, permissions and liaison, road closures and traffic management clearance and links to sourcing local crew and facilities. They work closely with a number of bodies across the city in order to facilitate these applications, including local council, police, and transport.

Bobby Cochrane, Film Office Manager at Screen Manchester explains:

“We’re blessed with a long-standing history in the industry going back decades, producing iconic film and TV drama. That history means we have a highly-skilled crew base in and around the city. Therefore, for us as a film office, it gives us a great platform to attract productions here because we have the experienced skill base along with cost benefits, so productions can put more money on the screen.

Students coming out of the Film School are within touching distance of this production. It’s not like they have to come out and then re-locate to London to find opportunities. Many award-winning independent production companies are now based in the city and infrastructure is here for them to step out of the Film School and hopefully into a production company or on to a set to start their career journey.”

Crew & Facilities Manager at Screen Manchester

Elli Metcalfe, Crew & Facilities Manager at Screen Manchester had this to say about becoming an industry partner to the Film School:

“Screen Manchester are delighted to be an industry partner to the Screen and Film School Manchester. We feel it is so important to support future talent as they make their way into the production sector, especially due to the skills shortage the industry as a whole is experiencing at this time. Focusing on educating and training the next generation of locally-based crew will only lead to more productions being attracted to the city and therefore more opportunities for those within the film & TV sector.”

Thanks to Bobby, Elli and to everyone at Screen Manchester for their time and we look forward to sharing all of the good news stories which come as a result of our new association with each other.



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