Summer Series: Round up

20 August, 2021

After the success of our Easter Series in April, Screen and Film School were delighted to return for our Summer Series, hosted by our Brighton, Manchester, and Birmingham Colleges.

The week-long series of interactive virtual workshops ran from 2nd – 6th August, and included an amazing variety of film-based sessions including: Production Design, Acting for Screen, Entry Level Roles, Pitching, Sound for Film and Forming Ideas.

We hope everyone who attended found the workshops fun and informative, and more than anything, walked away with an even bigger passion for the world of film. If you weren’t able to make the sessions, check out our round up below!

Production Design Workshop

Incredible Production Designer Karen Roach started our week of workshops with an insight into not only what it takes to be a production designer, but how to survive and thrive in the Film Industry.

Delving into modern 3D Printing, Karen showed the students what the future holds for Production Design. The students also showed their own ideas for a set created around the idea ‘Another World’.

Acting for Screen Workshop

Our second day kicked off with Screen and Film School Graduate, and Director Lucy Carey who was joined by Actress Aimee Powell.

Using a variety of industry techniques Lucy showed the students how to take on character preparation, how to ensure they stand out at an audition or self-tape, and most importantly how to act in a realistic and believable way on screen.

Entry Level Roles Workshop

Screen and Film School Brighton alumna Paola Dominique hosted a fantastically insightful workshop highlighting some of the most common entry level roles into the UK film industry.

The session was packed with useful statistics and highlighted some of the key roles on-set. Paola also took time to answer lots of questions from attendees, reflecting on her own experiences as a Production Secretary, Runner and Development Assistant.

Pitching Workshop

As an Executive Producer, Entertainment Lawer and Literary Agent, Emma Topping’s workshop was packed full of useful information on how filmmakers can formulate their ideas into coherent and effective film/TV pitches. After being privy to one of Emma’s exclusive real-life ‘pitch decks’, attendees were invited to pitch a film or TV production to potential investors, based on one of their own favourite books.

As well as highlighting the key do’s and don’ts of a successful pitch, Emma also answered some specific questions from attendees about subjects such as copyright law and how to get your ‘foot in the door’ with potential investors.

Sound for Film Workshop

On-set Sound Recordist Matt Wilkinson joined us to talk all things audible during our Sound for Film Workshop. Attendees got to learn about the hidden tricks of the trade, such as hiding microphones within an actor’s costume, blending in with extras, and more when you’re responsible for capturing on-set dialogue and other vital sounds.

Matt also broke down some of the vital gear used, and gave anecdotes about his on-set experiences of projects such as Perfect 10 and Trick or Treat in what was a highly engaging and interesting session.

Forming Ideas Workshop

‘There’s no such thing as a bad idea – only poorly executed ones.’

Our forming ideas workshop saw Oscar and BAFTA-nominated Baldwin Li, lecturer at Screen and Film School Manchester, lead the final summer series session where attendees learned all about forming ideas for a film. The session was packed with useful insights on how to effectively form ideas and attendees were invited to share their film ideas and discuss and analyse them with the group.

A huge thank you to everyone who hosted and participated in the workshops- we can’t wait to see you all again soon!


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