Tech Talk: Chris Plevin

3 February, 2020

Tech Talks are a limited series of events hosted by the Industry Engagement Team, focusing on practical elements of filmmaking in an informal, masterclass setting.

The first guest for our 2020 Tech Talks was Chris Plevin, an A camera operator and focus puller with over 4 decades of experience under his belt.

Chris has worked on features such as Aladdin, The Man From U.N.C.L.E., Dr Zhivago and Notting Hill, and programmes including Game of Thrones, Band of Brothers, Silent Witness and Auf Wiedersehen, Pet, where he often provides his own equipment on location.

Students were thrilled to get the opportunity to experiment with his kit first-hand, as well as ask Chris detailed questions about his experiences working as a camera operator on set for such iconic projects.

Tech Talk: Chris Plevin

Chris was welcomed to Screen and Film School on Tuesday 28th January, to talk to our aspiring camera operators about his expansive career, and to demonstrate his industry-standard kit, including his own pentafinder, tango plate, and a selection of lenses that he uses day-to-day. He also gave an excellent insight into the importance of maintaining good relationships with DOPs and actors, choosing the right camera body for the project, and the pros and cons of having a Digital Image Technician tent on shoot.

Shot of camera in foreground and two men blurred out in background (Chris Plevin)


“There is always a way to get something done with a little bit of ingenuity.”

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