Why 2021 is the year for Film School

4 February, 2021

Birmingham Applicant Experience Manager Lucy Carey shares her thoughts on why there’s never been a better time to go to Film School.

We understand that the COVID-19 outbreak has caused a sum of uncertainty for us all – this includes thousands of students who are all planning to go to university in 2021.

Exams have been cancelled, colleges have been shut and plans to study at higher education level are somewhat blurry.

However, despite all this, 2021 is still an amazing year to go to university (or Film School), and here are my top 6 reasons why!

There will be a MASSIVE network for support

We can all admit it: lockdown and Covid have been HARD whether it’s our mental health, physical health, or feeling restricted and confined. The ever-changing conditions can feel overwhelming.

Yes, family and friends are a huge support network for us, but when you start university you have access to an even wider range of support services designed solely for you. At Screen and Film School we have an amazing Student Support Team (and a dog!) ready to help you navigate through your life and your studies.

You have a range of fantastic facilities and technology to keep you busy

Whilst we are in the thick of lockdown 3.0, we are all being told to stay at home, which leads people to turn to self-improvement.

Lockdown is in a current state of being eased and then restricted again, which means it’s going to be some time before life is back to normal and many of us are finding that we have spare time to fill. With increasingly good news announced every day about the vaccinations program, this might not continue for long, but if it did then what better place to be than a film school, with a wide range of resources and camera equipment for you to utilise and make incredible films whilst stuck inside!

What if there is a rush for University/Specialist Institutions next year?

Getting into a university isn’t the easiest task and neither is getting into a specialist school so when there is more competition for those all-important spots which could happen next year. Although there is a chance that some International students may postpone their studies until 2022, combined with the number of school leavers this suggests that the competition will be fierce.

If you decide to start your studies this autumn, you don’t need to worry about that, you can instead concentrate on starting your film career.

A gap year wouldn’t be the same

If you are deciding to defer your year at university, it’s highly unlikely your gap year will be anything like you dreamed it. Essentially every country has been affected by COVID and it will most likely after lockdown has ended too.

This means that travel plans are not as easy as they used to be with some places not allowing tourists to visit at all. With new strains developing most of the world is still in the thick of the pandemic.

Even if you don’t want to travel and are looking to get a job, that has its challenges. The economy is struggling and jobs aren’t as easy to come by, again the competition is fierce.

There may be more opportunities

We understand this may seem like a bizarre statement given the current climate of recession, redundancies, and businesses in difficult positions. Whilst this is all true, this could work as a positive for you.

Lockdown has utilised remote working, collaborative projects, and the sharing of skills which means that there are more opportunities for online work experience, volunteering, and upskilling your computer skillset – a very important skill to have in the film industry in all roles.

You still have an opportunity to make new friends and uncover new interests

Ok so the fresher’s plan may be somewhat blurry – each institution is going to deal with it in a different way, as the progress of lockdown continues.

However, you will still get the opportunity to socialise, make friends and follow your interests. Most universities, like us, will run online events such as film clubs, supported when possible with a number of face to face events. Meaning that you’ll still be able to sign up for those masterclasses, clubs, quidditch… whatever takes your fancy!

All in all, there are a range of reasons that living at home has too – free laundry, free food, no bills to pay: it’s a long list.

However, there comes a time in all of our lives when we need our own independence. University can give you just that, alongside a truckload of freedom, plus you get to learn some incredible lessons along the way.


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