Welcome to Screen and Film School’s Summer Series!

We’re delighted to be running a range of inspiring and insightful events including Masterclasses, Workshops, Tech Talks and drop ins for both current students and new starters.

Alumnus Jimmy Lobe came to our SFS Live Studio to host the first segment of his Sound Recording workshop on 20th August 2020. Jimmy gave his top tips for sound recording, including the equipment and software he recommends, placing mics on actors, and getting your levels right so you don’t have to “fix it in post!”


Jimmy has also put together a sound design and mixing demonstration that covers audio, dialogue and sound effect editing, as well as his do’s and don’ts when creating a sound design atmosphere and environment. You can watch both parts of this session below! A huge thank you to Jimmy for sharing his wisdom and we hope to see him at the film school again soon.