Welcome to Screen and Film School’s Summer Series!

We’re delighted to be running a range of inspiring and insightful events including Masterclasses, Workshops, Tech Talks and drop ins for both current students and new starters.

Richard Gravett is a Sussex-based filmmaker who created his documentary We Farmed a Lot of Acres by compiling 60s archive footage made by farmer Richard Brickell. In this workshop, Richard gives his advice for working and creating narratives with archive footage, including a telephone interview with Richard Brickell himself.

We’re sure that you’ll find this workshop as brilliant as we do- a huge thank you to Richard for taking the time to share his knowledge! If you’d like to ask Richard any questions or discuss the film you can email him at mail@richardgravett.com or connect with him on Instagram: @rgravett



As this is the last of our summer series we’d also like to take a moment to thank everyone from Screen and Film School Brighton, all of our wonderful guests, and of course our brilliant applicant students who have been a part of this wonderful series.