As part of Mental Health Awareness Week in May, Screen and Film School Brighton were joined by director Jamie Patterson from industry partner Jumpstart Productions for a watch along of his film Tucked.

Shot in 10 days and on a £50,000 budget, Tucked follows the lives of Jackie (Derren Nesbitt) and Faith (Jordan Stephens), two drag queens in different stages of their lives and careers, as their friendship grows and they overcome their own issues of gender identity and mortality.

We were extremely grateful for Jamie letting us in on his journey with Tucked, and we’ve included some of our favourite stories below!

How he came about having a previously unknown Robbie Williams song on the soundtrack…

After having a conversation about music for the film and Jamie’s favourite artists, including the likes of Peter Andre, Ricky Martin, Rod Stewart and especially Robbie Williams, Jordan approached Jamie with a Robbie Williams song that even he didn’t recognise, that had been given to Jamie for the film for free. Jamie calls this one of the coolest moments of his life, because he had the opportunity to hear a song by his idol that no one had ever heard before.


How many takes are the right amount?

Jamie doesn’t like to do more than two or three takes of anything, and he received advice from Derren on this during the shoot. From Derren’s time working with Frank Sinatra, he noticed that he would never do more than two takes – Frank Sinatra will go with his natural instinct first, take notes from the director, and then only do one more take, leaving the director with two options. This stuck with Jamie as, the more takes you put an actor through, the less realistic the performance will become. If an actor begins to overthink, they lose focus on what the character would be thinking or feeling, and instead just try to please the director.


Where he likes to shoot in Brighton…

Jamie’s shot movies all over the world, but he says that there’s a feeling to Brighton that you can’t get elsewhere – anywhere in the Lanes and on the seafront is good, but it’s the secret places that he loves the most, as he likes to avoid clichés. He also told us that the Duke of York’s has a particular place in his heart – he even got married there – and features in Home for Christmas.


Winning over 20 awards at festivals…

Amongst its successes, Tucked won two awards at Outfest, the biggest LGBTQIA+ festival in the world: Best Narrative Feature and the Audience Award. Having only shown Tucked to a total of four people before the festival, Jamie and Derren travelled to LA to premiere the film for a group of 750 attendees, and then stuck around for the awards night that followed a few days later. Jamie explained how bizarre it was, that a small, low-budget film from Brighton could beat the studio giants that were also screening at the festival – even if he never received the physical awards themselves!


Many thanks to Jamie for sharing his film and stories with us, and of course to all of our students for their brilliant questions!