Jack Matthews

Edit Assistant

Jack specialises in cinematography and editing. His current full time position is in television working with the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and other major channels. He is currently working on numerous new television series’ – plus lots of other unannounced programmes currently in production.

Since graduating from Screen and Film School Brighton in 2019, Jack has been constantly researching and creating personal projects using new technology, as well as exploring all areas of cinematography and editing with new products, software and services.

He liaises with production teams if any footage needs resupplying, creates ‘playouts’ for channels to assess any problems with the footage, and cuts and creates delivery packages for channels to send for sign off before a programme is broadcast.

What advice would you offer a current Screen and Film School student?

“USE YOUR TIME WISELY! As cliché as it is, you only get out of it what you put in, so use every second you have there as a playground for exploration. Everyone is there for a reason, so don’t fade into the background! Make yourself known and immerse yourself into every lecture and workshop. Stay after class and book out some equipment to experiment with!

Spend every second analysing what the equipment does, how it works and most importantly, the endless results you can achieve from tweaking and adjusting settings. Everyone is there to help you and you’re not any less advantaged than anyone else as you’re all in the same boat when you start!”

What advice would you offer to a recent Screen and Film School graduate?

“Never stop applying for positions, I have applied for countless positions, but if you persist and fully push yourself to stand out, you will get there in the end!

This year (2020) has been unprecedented, so whilst the industry has been operating in a reduced capacity during lockdown, there is still always work available! It took me a little while (since graduating) to get this position I am in now. But in the meantime, I spent all my time actively developing my skills in my area of expertise and communication! Adapting to a remote world we are currently in is an opportunity to explore new ways of working and collaboration!”


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