Our Facilities

At Screen and Film School, we pride ourselves on using the same equipment, software and facilities that industry professionals use every day.

In order to achieve a sustainable and rewarding career in the film industry – and be the absolute best you can be – we know you’ve got to have the best equipment and facilities around you. That’s why each and every one of our film school’s boast industry-standard facilities that rival other education centres across the country.

Screen and Film School has fantastic links with professional companies such as Panavision, Panalux, Arri and many others to support us in the loan and donation of high-end kit.

At the heart of every film school site are fully working sets with lighting rigs and flats. The sets are flexible spaces that can be dressed and adapted to the requirements of each shoot, working alongside your Art Department to create your perfect scene.

We pride ourselves on being one of the very few education providers to teach you on both digital and film cameras. We have a large range of film and digital equipment, including dollies, jibs, tracks and sliders. The film school’s editing software includes Adobe and Avid.

Throughout your course, you’ll learn in our spacious teaching rooms and cutting-edge Mac Labs. Our industry lecturers are also experts in every single element of industry tech (from software to equipment) and will always be on hand to help you upskill, improve and ultimately reach your filmmaking aspirations.

We offer state-of-the-art, purpose-built film studios with sound proofed walls, high ceilings and industry-standard rigging. 

At the heart of the film schools are fully working 18 x 12ft sets with lighting rigs and flats. The sets are flexible spaces that can be dressed and adapted to the requirements of each shoot, working alongside your Art Department to create your perfect scene.

Each studio space is adaptable and multi-functional, meaning you can hold your pre-production meetings, film screenings and writer’s room all from one space.

The technician’s stores are all within the set spaces, so rest assured you have the support of the technician team when you need it.


During your time here, you’ll feel right at home working with high-end equipment, whether that’s shooting on an Arri Alexa Mini, lighting your scene with Arri LED kits or setting up your shot with DJI Ronin’s, Screen and Film School has a huge range of industry-standard equipment at your fingertips to use.

Our high-spec range of equipment is also available to use free of charge on your own projects outside of film school through a Flexi Kit, including mics, camera, lighting, grip and lenses. 

Equipment at Screen and Film School Brighton includes:


  • Canon EOS R
  • Sony A7S
  • Panasonic Lumix GH4
  • Blackmagic Pocket 4K
  • Cine Cameras Arri Alexa Mini
  • Sony FS7
  • Canon C300 MKII
  • Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro
  • RED Raven
  • Kinefinity TERRA 4K
  • Panavision Panaflex Gold II
  • Arri SR3 Super 16


  • Zeiss CP.3 Lens Kit
  • Zeiss CP.2 Lens Kit
  • Zeiss PL Cine Primes
  • Samyang VDSLR Lens Kit
  • Camera Grip DJI Ronin 2
  • DJI Ronin
  • DJI Ronin S
  • Lanparte Cine Rig
  • Chameleon Dolly
  • Elemack Spyder Dolly
  • Skateboard Dolly
  • 6FT Dolly Track
  • Ronford Baker Tall, Medium and Short Legs
  • MOY Gear Head
  • Fluid 4 Head
  • Heavy Duty Jib
  • Hague Junior Jib
  • Cartoni Tripod
  • Manfrotto Tripod
  • Vinten Tripod


  • Alpha 1.6KW HMI
  • Arri L10-C LED Fresnnel
  • Arri L7-C LED Fresnel
  • Litepanels Astra LED Kit
  • Litepanels Gemini 2×1 LED Panel light
  • Kino Flo LED Freestyle
  • Dedo LED Interview Kit
  • Litemat 4 LED Softlight
  • Dedo 3 Head Tungsten Kit
  • Kino Flo 4x4Bank
  • Kino Flo Diva Light
  • Arri 2000W Open Face
  • 2K Fresnel
  • 1K Fresnel
  • Arri 800W Open Face
  • Arri 650W Fresnel
  • Arri 300W Fresnel
  • LED 1×1 Panel Light
  • Blindspot LED Panel Light
  • Rotolight LED Kit


  • Sound Devices 552
  • Sound Devices Mix Pre 6
  • Sound Devices Mix Pre 3
  • Sennheiser K6-ME66 Mics
  • Sennheiser K6-ME67 Mics
  • Sennheiser G4 Radio Mic Kits
  • Rode Boom Poles
  • Sennheiser Mic Stands
  • Rode Video Mic

In each of our screening rooms we have new Optoma 4K projectors and high-quality sound systems, which provide a fantastic experience for watching films and viewing your projects.

Across our Mac rooms and our post-production suites, we have iMacs and iMac Pros, all installed with the entire Adobe Creative Suite, along with other industry software favourites Logic Pro, Final Cut Pro, Da Vinci, Pro Tools and Avid.

As well as this we have MacBook Airs, all with the same software installed. These are available to borrow for use in your free time. We are also issuing our students with remote Adobe licenses, so you will be able to get onto the Creative Cloud from home. This means you will have access to all the necessary industry standard tools to edit video and sound in and out of lesson time.

As well as software, we’ve also invested in hardware, including a grading panel in our Avid Suite. We have a selection of microphones available for recording foley, voice over, ADR and SFX. These include the Rode NTG2 and Seinheiser K6.

As a Screen and Film School student, you’ll have access to dedicated learning resources to help make your studies a success.

Throughout your time here, you’ll have access to online learning tools, such as an online library, which holds digital versions of many key subject texts as well as thousands of other works. Every student can also log onto Canvas, our Virtual Learning Environment, to access learning resources, submit work and receive feedback. 

We also offer dedicated spaces for quiet study as well as Macs that can be used for research, essay writing and for preparing for pre-production work. You’ll have access to Microsoft Office’s 365 Suite, which includes OneDrive cloud storage, Word, Excel, Powerpoint and OneNote. 

Our meeting rooms can also be used for study support, counselling, student support and academic support meetings. 

We have library resources too, complete with physical copies of all the module core textbooks, as well as biographies of industry leaders in their specialism, journals and subject-specific texts. 

Any questions?

For any questions regarding our industry-leading facilities or if you’d like more information on how to apply to Screen and Film School, please contact our Enquiries Team on 01273 840 346 or email [email protected].


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