Screen and Film School Connect

Screen and Film School understands that building and maintaining a solid network of contacts and collaborators is key to sustaining a career in the film, television and games industries.

That’s why we’re happy to introduce Screen and Film School Connect. Our dedicated online community of Students, Alumni and Staff.

What is it?

Screen and Film School Connect is a private online community for training professionals and alumni within the film, performing arts and music industries.

Think of it as a more private version of Linked-In or Facebook. No random friend requests here! Just creative people within your own educational sphere, looking to network.

The platform provides its members with an easy way to:

  • Book onto our in-house masterclasses – Only available via the Connect platform
  • Share creative opportunities
  • Collaborate on projects across three creative institutes – Screen and Film School, The BIMM Institute, ICTheatre
  • Seek out and apply for industry jobs
  • Find work experience placements
  • Liaise with your student mentors
  • Share posts and photos, promote events, find resources and much more!

How do I sign up?

Signing up is as easy as any other social media platform and can be completed on your desktop/laptop or via the mobile App.

Device-specific download info for the app is shown below

Please note: The platform was initially set up for music industry students at BIMM Institute. As such, you will notice the site URL is specific to BIMM. However, once your profile is live, you can become a member of our very own ‘Screen and Film School’ Group, which is where you’ll find profiles for your fellow students and lecturers, as well as a dedicated Screen and Film School news feed.

If you’re on desktop/laptop, go to in your internet browser. Hit the ‘Get Started’ button and click ‘register with email’.

To make the setup process quicker/easier, existing and new students have been pre-approved for the service.

Please be sure to use your Screen and Film School email address, rather than a personal one when setting up your account.

Upload a profile picture and fill in the fields with your details such as your first name, surname, email address and a memorable password which you can recall easily.

You’ll also see a field called ‘Affiliation‘. It’s important you select the correct option here, as it will determine what content will be available to you and what groups you will have access to on the site.

  • Students: Select ‘Screen and Film School Current Student’, as well as your correct campus location. (E.g. Screen and Film School, Brighton).
  • Graduates: Select ‘Screen and Film School Alumni’
  • Staff: Select ‘Screen and Film School Faculty member’

Depending which affiliation you fall under, you’ll be met with a few more fields to fill in, such as what course you’re studying, what position you hold as a graduate or what your faculty role is.

Lastly, you’ll be required to have read and agree to the site’s terms and conditions before hitting ‘Continue‘.

The site will then send you an email to the address you’ve used to register. Click the link within the email to confirm your profile before proceeding to the next step.

The fields presented in this section aren’t mandatory. However, the more detail you choose to include about yourself, the more likely you are to match with certain opportunities via the platform.

Fill out these fields as much as you wish and click ‘Continue‘.

A key function on Screen and Film School Connect is for community members to be able to seek and offer advice. This is especially useful for current students looking to ask lecturers or graduates about their industry or field of specialism, etc. Graduates and lecturers can select what types of advice they’re willing to offer current students.

Once you’ve selected the ways in which you’re willing to help fellow community members, click ‘Continue‘.

Next you’ll be asked in what way other community members can help you. For example, current students can highlight what sorts of advice and opportunities they are seeking.

Once you’ve completed this page, you’re all done! Hit finish and wait for your profile to be approved by an administrator. This usually takes anything between 1-24 hours. You’ll then receive an email from BIMM Connect letting you know that your account is live and ready to use.

Screen and Film School members will have access to two content feeds, in which they’ll see posts from other members.

Main feed

The main homepage feed will feature content posted by students from all three creative industries –  Screen and Film School, ICTheatre and BIMM Institute.

Group feed

Scroll down to ‘Groups’ on the left-hand side navigational menu, and you’ll find your Screen and Film School group page. This is your dedicated feed in which you’ll find posts from all Screen and Film School group members.

Head to the ‘Introduce Yourself’ group where you can say hello to your peers and start forging connections outside of your immediate student circle.


This is where you’ll find important announcements and sign up functions for our Masterclasses and Tech Talks – Be sure to allow notifications on your mobile app to stay up to date with announcements as they happen!

You can also use the Events page to keep your community posted on what you have going on. Maybe you have a premier or screening you’d like to promote – Post it here! And use Photos to add galleries from these events.


Use the Members function to find connections in your location or within a particular area of specialism. Use the search bar at the top of the page to find members by Name, by Location or by Industry.


Use Jobs to search for work opportunities outside of the college. But be sure to keep an eye on the Screen and Film School feed for tailored work-based announcements from your Industry and Careers team.

Any questions?

For questions on how Screen and Film School can connect you to film, television and screen industries, or if you’d like more information on how to apply, please contact our Enquiries Team on 01273 840 346 or email [email protected].


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