Filmmaking and Video Games courses in Berlin

Calling all budding filmmakers and video game creators: you can now study film and video games courses in Europe’s creative capital at BIMM University Berlin.

About BIMM University Berlin

As a BIMM University Berlin student, you’ll benefit from a range of unique collaborative opportunities across music, film, acting and video games in one of the most diverse and welcoming cities in the world.

As our partner school, BIMM University Berlin, offers many of the same courses that are available at Screen and Film School. These include:

BIMM University Berlin connects students from across the globe to the heart of an international creative hub. Their lecturers and mentors are industry experts and students learn with the same tools, tech and equipment used by professionals today. By the time BIMM University Berlin students graduate, they are not only ready to enter the creative industries but are ready to lead its evolution.

If you’re someone who thrives on experimentation and pushing boundaries, BIMM University Berlin is the right choice for you.



“The most fascinating aspect of studying at BIMM University Berlin is seeing how different creative disciplines come together so naturally. We constantly collaborate with students from across BIMM’s courses. Together we contribute to making each other’s ideas a reality.”
Mila Kreft-Sietnicka, BA (Hons) Filmmaking, BIMM University Berlin

Life in Berlin

A global hub for creativity, Berlin is a vibrant place for anyone looking to start and develop their creative career. This is a place where inspiration lies around every corner. Thousands of individuals and companies from the worlds of music, film, acting and gaming call the city home. Teeming with opportunities, Berlin is diverse, open-minded and has a future-first mindset.

Berlin gives creatives the freedom to work hard and play even harder. While the city’s cost of living is lower than other major creative destinations like London, Barcelona or Paris, it still has all the benefits you’d expect of living in a European capital city. It’s well-connected, it’s young and it’s a place where there is always something going on.

Creative industries in Berlin

Berlin’s creative industries are a force to be reckoned with. For generations, creative institutions of all shapes and sizes have played an important role in the city’s economy and cultural landscape. For anyone looking to start their creative industry career, there are few places with more opportunities than Berlin.

1 in 5 German film production companies are based in Berlin
Germany Trade & Invest
Germany is Europe’s no. 1 games market
Germany Trade & Invest


Video Games

Take your passion for video games to the next level. Learn the tools and tech of the ever-evolving games industry inside-out, and develop your storytelling and creative skills on one of our three bachelor’s degrees in video game development, games art, and design.

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Whether you want to direct, produce or get hands-on with operating cameras, microphones, or lights, you’ll graduate ready to launch your career in the world of screen and film. What’s more, we offer a choice of bachelor’s and master’s degrees for you to choose from.

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BIMM University Berlin FAQs

If you are an EU, Swiss or EEA student, you can move to Germany and begin your studies at BIMM University Berlin without the need for a visa. All you need to do is register with the local authorities within two weeks of your arrival to let them know you’re here.

If you are from the UK or outside the EU, you may need to apply for a visa to study at BIMM University Berlin. You can get immigration and visa support throughout your time with us – from when you apply to when you graduate.

Fees vary depending on whether you are an EU or non-EU student, and whether you intend to study full-time of part-time*. Our friendly finance and admissions teams are always on hand to guide you through the process. They will be able to provide expert advice on payment options, funding options and bursaries.

Email: [email protected] / [email protected]

Study fees at BIMM University Berlin

*Part-time study is only available for master’s courses.



  • CertHE Screen & Film: one year 
  • Bachelor’s courses: three years 
  • Master’s courses: one year full-time OR two years part-time 

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Berlin courses

You can complete your course in different European cities by splitting your three years of study across BIMM University campuses in Berlin, Birmingham, Brighton, and Manchester.

Start your course in one city, transfer to another for your second year and, for your final year, stay where you are, return to where you started, or even transfer to a third city.

The scheme is only available where the same course is delivered and is at the same stage of delivery in the chosen location. Full details and conditions are available here.

BIMM University Berlin and Screen and Film School are both part of BIMM University in the UK.

As a BIMM University Berlin student, you’ll benefit from a range of unique collaborative opportunities across music, film, acting and creative technology in one of the most diverse and welcoming cities in the world.

BIMM University Berlin and Screen and Film School (Birmingham, Brighton and Manchester) offer several of the same 3-year, full-time degrees. These include BA (Hons) Filmmaking, BA (Hons) Filmmaking (Top-Up), and an MA in Screen and Film Production.

Excitingly, from September 2024, students in Berlin as well as in the UK will also be able to turn their passion for video games into a career. Creative visual creation and storytelling are combined with in-depth technical training. Our students will have the opportunity to get behind the tools and tech of the ever-evolving games industry with our courses in video game development, games art, and design.

All students leave BIMM University Berlin with a professional showreel/portfolio, which will serve as a calling card for your skills. You’ll graduate with an in-depth understanding of how to navigate the film and gaming industries.

Our filmmaking degrees introduce you to a variety of film genres and styles and cover the principal creative and technical skills and roles that are found in the film industry. These include screenwriting, directing, cinematography, producing, production sound mixing, editing, lighting/gaffer, continuity/script supervision, and production management.

Creative Technology students will aim to enter the industry as game producers, gameplay designers, UX designers, game programmers, system designers and many more. The skills developed on the degree will also be transferrable to a range of industries, such as medicine and architecture.

We will also put you in front of the best industry connections Berlin has to offer. Filmmakers will benefit from access to Berlinale, one of the largest public film festivals in the world. Video game developers will benefit from our relationship with Games Ground, a gaming festival and movement that is transforming the industry and shaping the future of gaming culture in Berlin and beyond.

Any questions?

Get in touch with the BIMM University Berlin Admissions Team at +49 (0)30 311 99 186 or email [email protected]

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