Switching from University to Screen and Film School

Are you currently studying filmmaking or film business at another higher education institution and would like to join our second year (level 5) or third year (level 6)?

Every year students reach out to us to say they would like to switch from their current university and join Screen and Film School as they want a student experience underpinned by industry engagement, a 5 year alumni guarantee, budgets for films, practical learning and many more exclusive opportunities. We can offer you support in doing this and welcome your application to join our film community.

Next steps

Applicants wishing to gain direct entry onto Year 2 (Level 5) or Year 3 (Level 6) of a Screen and Film School undergraduate degree will be asked to submit an RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) application.

This basically means we want to ensure that the course elements that you are currently learning at your university map against our learning, to make sure you transition smoothly into our practical filmmaking offer.

Once you have applied to study with us, we will need the following documents from you as part of your RPL application:

  • A certified copy of an academic transcript and award certificate (if applicable)
  • A Course Specification for the previously or currently studied course
  • Module documentation for all modules completed

These documents should be sent to [email protected] with the subject of the email ‘RPL Submission’. The application will be reviewed by a Screen and Film School RPL Assessor, who will be from a Screen and Film School academic department. The application will be submitted to a panel for consideration, and the outcome will be delivered to the Screen and Film School Admissions Team who will in turn inform you of the decision.


Screen and Film School is not like other universities.

Apply now and join our Year 2 or Year 3 cohorts.


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