James Honess

Production Assistant

James studied a BA (Hons) Degree in Film Production at Screen and Film School, Brighton and now runs his own company as well as working with one of our official Industry Partners, Be The Fox.
Since graduating, James works closely with a few friends and fellow graduates to run a small production company called Studio River. Their portfolio ranges from music videos, to brand work and most recently a short film Channel 4’s Smack The Pony writer Lisa Fulthorpe. In addition to these projects, James work full time with the team at Be The Fox - one of Screen and Film School, Brighton's official industry partners. Currently, James is working with them on television commercials and other branded content commissions.

What were the most valuable skills you gained at Screen and Film School?

"The two greatest takeaways from Film School, for me, are connections and mistakes. I still work closely with friends from Film School, and am really grateful for the wider network of connections I have grown, most with roots grounded in Film School. Secondly, the freedom and safe space to make mistakes. I think if nothing else Film School gives you a huge leg-up into industry; laying the foundations with skills like set etiquette, roles, responsibilities, and generally encouraging you to think more openly about film. All useful stuff that would take longer to grow organically, from scratch." 

What advice would you offer current students at Screen and Film School?

"Work hard, and take every opportunity (within reason…). So many of the things I have worked on start from just showing up, being passionate about what you do, and making a good impression. I would also say be kind to yourself, and trust your instincts. It’s a tough industry that’s become slightly tougher through COVID. Be smart - there are new roles on sets opening up as a result of the pandemic, and also a shift in how productions work; so be as versatile as possible."  
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