Jonny Rock


Jonny Rock is an editor originally from Twickenham, London, who graduated from Screen and Film School in 2018.

Since then, he has worked for NeuLion, live clipping sports events to create highlight packages for immediate playback.

He is now two and a half years into his role as a Content Producer for Engage Digital Partners, where he films and edits content for their sports clients.

Most recently, Jonny has been balancing his time between producing content for ‘World Rugby’ and ‘World Horse Racing’, showcasing the most compelling backstories within these sports. He’s also been lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel internationally to Saudi Arabia and the U.S.A with World Horse Racing to cover their big racing events.

What was the most valuable thing you learned at Screen and Film School?

Learning the foundations of editing, which helped me develop a key understanding in the decision making processes that go into every cut. This allowed me to really build on and start to perfect my craft. I would personally recommend Walter Murch’s ‘In The Blink of an Eye’ – it is a must read for any aspiring editor, and not too long for someone who has never really been a fan of reading!

What advice would you offer a current Screen and Film School student?

Take advantage of the opportunities given to you right from the start at Film School! Have a go at sound, lighting, editing, camera, scriptwriting in your first-year projects, as this will help build your understanding and skills for each role, which will always be valuable. You’ll then have a clearer focus on what you want to specialise on within your final year.


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