Philippe Thuery

Director of Photography (DoP)

Philippe studied BA (Hons) Degree in Filmmaking at Screen and Film School, Brighton. Specialising in cinematography, Phillippe has since gone on to become a freelance DOP with an impressive selection of nationally televised productions under his belt.

After graduating, Philippe started by working as a 1st AC on Food Unwrapped and later moved on to Great Paintings of the World with Andrew Marr. He was DOP and producer on documentaries for the production company Gorilla Gorilla! in London as well as several short narrative films that have been shown at IFFs.

Currently, Philippe is working on pre-production for a third documentary series.

What were the most valuable skills you gained at Screen and Film School?

“Applying technical knowledge to help tell a story. It is essential to know and understand the technology, and equally as essential to know how and when to apply it to help the narrative; every decision has to be justified narratively.”

What advice would you offer current students at Screen and Film School?

“1) When you are at school, take advantage of everything at your disposal. The benefits of going to a film school are being able to not only learn from – but also have discussions with – industry professionals, use the best equipment, and forge friendships and partnerships that will hopefully last for your entire career. Try to diversify your skill base as much as you can, eg.: if you’re into cameras, learn about sound. In the low budget industry you will be asked to fulfill several roles.

2) When you leave school, do your best, be polite, join a union, learn about taxes, don’t get taken advantage of, know your worth, and fight for credits.”

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