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A 9-month part-time professional diploma available at:

Looking for career-focused practical filmmaking? Do you want to learn more about the work of different departments in film and get hands-on filmmaking experience before deciding on your career path?

The Filmmaking Diploma offers a special opportunity to develop your practical and theoretical skills as a filmmaker, working with established industry professionals. It covers the filmmaking process in-depth, so you are introduced to the full range of industry roles and departments including cinematography and directing.

Much of the course mixes the practical elements of filmmaking, theoretical study and working with guest lecturers and industry professionals. Using our range of Digital and Film cameras you will work on various projects such as developing a short five-minute narrative filmed to digital or film, working in groups on creating five short productions (replicating a real film shoot with appropriate positions – DoP, Director etc), documentary making before finally creating a 10-minute film that will be shot on location. By now your skills will have been rounded by nine months of industry-standard training and you will have developed ideas, pitching skills, planning and production.

Do not worry about being under qualified as the basics of filmmaking are covered. As long as you have the right attitude and are self-motivated, you will flourish at Screen and Film School. Prior to attending Screen and Film School, I had minimal filmmaking experience but as a result of the Diploma course, I gained the necessary knowledge, skills and contacts to make my own independent short film.
Will Pentecost-Daley

During term 1, you will be introduced to the Canon DSLR, zoom recorder, boom and directional mic and how to work as part of a film crew. you will develop a short 5-minute narrative piece through idea development sessions, followed by pitching, scriptwriting, pre-production, shoot and edit using FCPX. Additional workshops will cover building and operating the Arri SR3 Super 16.

Term 2 will deepen your understanding of the principles of cinematography and directing and you will learn more about scheduling a shoot and arranging a crew. You will focus on a specialist area of your interest and develop your idea in preparation for the final term.

The last term focuses on your progression plans – making links for possible employment or even further study. We will develop your work for submission to festivals and the continuation of developing ideas for future projects.

Course Specification

Mode of Attendance: Part-time

Length of course: 9 months

Awarding institution: No qualification obtained

Accreditation: International Moving Image Society

Campus delivery: Brighton

Start date: September 2021

Minimum Requirements

Evidence of industry experience or evidence of filmmaking is advantageous.


Students can progress directly to a career in the film, television and screen industry in areas such as producing, directing, screenwriting, sound, post-production, cinematography and first assistant directing.

Course Fees

Because we’re an industry-led practical film school, we’re uniquely positioned to offer outstanding value and quality to all our students. Course fees are currently £3,750 per year (subject to review) and there are no compulsory additional course costs however we strongly recommend investing in a Terrabyte external hard drive.

This is a self-funded course. In some circumstances, we can offer payment plans.


  • Cinematography and Directing
  • Lighting and Sound
  • Image Acquisition – the camera
  • Shot Composition
  • Lenses and Advanced Exposure Control
  • Working as a Freelance Camera Operator
  • Advanced Workshops
  • Marketing and Distribution
  • Festival Entries
  • Pre-Production
  • Ideas Development
  • Film History
  • Producing Factual Content
  • Recce, Casting and Rehearsal
  • Post Production

Any questions?

For any questions regarding our courses or if you’d like more information on how to apply to Screen and Film School, please contact our Admissions Team on 01273 602070 or email [email protected].


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