Ata Sergey Nowak (He/Him)

Visiting Faculty

Ata Sergey Nowak, a polyglot fluent in three languages, harbours deep interests in gaming, history, politics, space, and the art of intercultural communication. His professional journey in the gaming industry was ignited in 2012 with a game modding experience with Paradox Games. This pivotal moment led to his significant contributions to titles like Hearts of Iron 3: Their Finest Hour, East vs West, Squad, Terminal Conflict, and noteworthy mods including Black ICE and Project Reality.

In parallel to his gaming career, Ata took on the role of directing an international NGO called ‘Magna Carta’. Here, he focused on European Union research projects while also coordinating entrepreneurial events like Creative Coffee Ankara and TED x Hacettepe University. A key shift in his career came post-2017, with the development of Suzerain, a game he steered towards commercial release in 2020. This venture, accomplished with the support of a dedicated team at Torpor Games, not only received critical acclaim but also achieved financial success. Under his leadership, Torpor Games is not only expanding the Suzerain universe but also developing an upcoming game titled The Conformist.

Currently, Ata leads Torpor Games and dedicates his expertise to consulting and public speaking, focusing on the software industry, especially startups and games. His journey is characterised by a blend of individual creativity and collaborative efforts, contributing significantly to the gaming world while also nurturing growth in the software industry.

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