Sadie Anderson

Filmmaking and Production Design *

Sadie has set up and led some of the most successful courses in Production Arts in the country and has been held up as an exemplar by UAL for her interdisciplinary work. Her years of top-end television productions have forged strong connections with many respected professionals in the industry with whom she regularly collaborates in the educational field, lending a pragmatic edge and real-world application to her work as a tutor.

Sadie’s industry experience and work as a qualified production designer has yielded a body of high quality and award-winning work over 25 years with a wide variety of projects for film, television, theatre and magazines. She has completed over 50 TV commercials and 60 music promos.

Sadie’s passion for education and the arts, along with her commitment to students and outcomes, continues to engage them into achieving the high standards expected in the industry.

* Freelance lecturer
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