Will Jewell

Filmmaking and Screenwriting *

Writer/Director Will Jewell has scripted drama and comedy for the BBC, The Huffington Post, Sky and Channel 4 including Channel 4’s BAFTA-winning interactive drama ‘Bow Street Runner’ and the ‘Horrible Histories’ web series.

He also directed ‘South Coast’ – an acclaimed music feature documentary which secured international distribution, a wealth of music promos and short films including ‘Man In Fear’ which was selected for the New British Cinema Quarterly and is now being developed into a feature. His debut narrative feature film ‘Concrete Plans’,  was released in the in UK and US in 2020 with a cast including Steve Speirs, Amber Rose Revah, James Lance, Charley Palmer Rothwell and Goran Bogdan. Concrete Plans premiered at Frightfest and was described by The Hollywood News as "one of the most exciting British thrillers in years!"

* Freelance lecturer
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