Employment opportunities on the rise for Screen and Film School graduates

6 May, 2021

Industry engagement and employment opportunities are on the rise for Screen and Film School students and alumni.

As the weather steadily improves and social distancing restrictions begin to ease, an air of positivity has returned to the UK film and TV industry. Many of our students’ film productions are now back in full-swing and the same can be said for Screen and Film School Brighton’s industry partners, who have already begun moving forward with their own TV, film and digital content productions.

Official figures have shown consistently strong levels of investment within the UK film and TV industry throughout the past two years, including:

This is great news for the UK film industry and brings with it a whole range of valuable opportunities for our students and graduates, who have already been offered work placements and job opportunities as part of Screen and Film School Brighton’s Industry Engagement program.

Graduate positions are now being filled in various junior-level roles such as:

  • Live Stream Camera operators – The Old Market
  • Edit Technicians – The Edit
  • Locations Assistants – Life After Life (BBC)
  • Production assistants – Hoi Polloi
  • Videographers – 21 Blox
  • Runners – Various

Access to these valuable industry engagement opportunities is an integral part of student life here at Screen and Film School Brighton and thanks to our Alumni Guarantee, our graduates’ benefit from continued access to these opportunities for a further five years after completing their studies.

Fiona Adams, Industry Engagement Manager at Screen and Film School Brighton said:

“We are so excited to hear from our industry partners that production is getting back on track. They are looking for talent to fill entry level roles for their new productions – industry placements that have already been offered include Back2Back, The Edit and Hoi Polloi working with several of our graduates on the latest Wagamama shoot.

With restrictions beginning to ease commissions are greenlit and production companies need talent. Our graduate applications are now winging their way – watch this space to see where they land!”

We’re incredibly pleased to see the UK film and TV industry springing back into life after many companies were forced to pause their productions throughout 2020 and early 2021. We’ll continue to provide updates on Screen and Film School Brighton’s alumni successes as well as our various industry engagement initiatives as the industry continues its welcome return to normality.



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