Introducing Screen and Film School Manchester’s Head of Careers and Industry: Judith Suckling

6 July, 2021

Screen and Film School Manchester are delighted to announce Judith Suckling as our new Head of Careers and Industry!

September is fast approaching, and ahead of our exciting new school year in Manchester our team is expanding as we ready ourselves for the launch. We are delighted to announce that Manchester-based industry specialist Judith Suckling is now on board – Jude is our new Head of Careers and Industry, a crucial role for the development and success of our incoming students.

When we asked Jude to tell us a about her background in the Screen and Film industry this is what she had to say:

“I started out working in the industry way back in 2006, when I did some work experience on T4 and Popworld. I then went on to work on some feature films in Sheffield (Hush for Warp Pictures) and Nottingham (Goal III) before starting my career in Production Management on Shameless for Channel 4. I had some dalliances on Coach Trip and Making Bradford British, again both for Channel 4. I then moved into a staff job at the BBC, where I had the absolute pleasure of making TV shows with young people.”

Outside dark shot of Manchester at night

We then asked Jude about her affiliation with the city of Manchester:

“I came to Manchester Metropolitan University in 2003 to study Contemporary Film and Video and never looked back. Even then, Manchester felt like it was buzzing with rumblings of the TV industry. Since then, it’s just got bigger and bigger. I met my husband who also studied film here, and we decided to stay and are now bringing up our two children as little Mancunians.”

Finally, when asked to further describe her role with us Jude responded:

“My role at Screen and Film School Manchester is Head of Careers and Industry. I’m excited to meet our new students; I’ve been busy getting in touch with all the people that I’ve met through the years to come in and present a Masterclass. It feels like an extremely exciting place to be at a very exciting time.

The new students should know, from what I’ve seen of the building and overall set up so far, I feel jealous of you guys! When I started my course all those years ago, I was excited by the sight of a dusty old green screen. My tip to students would be: use your time at Screen and Film School Manchester wisely. The amazing equipment, your amazing tutors and come and have a chat with me whenever you’d like to. I always have the kettle on.”

Insightful and reassuring words from our new Head of Careers and Industry. Jude mentioned the prospect of upcoming Masterclasses in Manchester, and we have secured a real headline-grabber for our next one.

On Wednesday the 14th of July Jude will be joined by Jason Allen; Jason is a Location Manager, who has over fifteen years’ worth of experience in bringing exciting film locations to the big screen.

As part of the locations team on the multi-BAFTA and Oscar winning film 1917, he managed the locations in the north of England, which doubled for France in WW1. He will also discuss his time on Ready Player One, Doolittle, and will tell the ever-interesting story of how Tim Burton ended up in sunny Blackpool.

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