Screen and Film School Birmingham launch Graeme Keeton Bursary Competition

8 April, 2021

Screen and Film School Birmingham are delighted to launch the Graeme Keeton Bursary Competition, the winner of which will be receiving £500 towards their filmmaking projects at Screen and Film School.

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Back in November our Birmingham College sponsored two awards at the Birmingham Film Festival 2020: Best Screenplay and Best First Time Filmmaker. In a generous act of kindness and community, Graeme Keeton, winner of the Best Screenplay award for his screenplay Crashing Down, pledged to donate his prize fund as a bursary for a future Screen and Film School Birmingham student. “I’ve been fortunate to still earn a living as a copywriter over the past year, and it’s more expensive to make a film than it is to write a screenplay,” Graeme told us in December. “I’d rather the money be used by a student making a film.”

Now, for the first time, Screen and Film School Birmingham are launching a competition to award the bursary to one of our 2021 applicants. Applicants will need to send in a script, short story, poem, or other written form on the theme of Identity to be in with a chance to win the prize.

“We are thrilled to announce the Graeme Keeton Bursary competition,” said Hannah Stevenson, College Principal for Screen and Film School Birmingham. “It’s a really exciting opportunity for our applicants to get their creative juices flowing and to test their screenwriting skills. I can’t wait to read the scripts when they come in. I’m expecting great things, and one talented individual will receive a prize worth £500.00 toward their studies.”

Don’t forget to sign up to our Virtual Open Evening on the 12th April, where special guest Graeme Keeton will be discussing this exciting opportunity with College Principal Hannah Stevenson!

The Graeme Keeton Bursary Competition

Choices, conflicts, relationships. These things drive stories because they’re things we all deal with every day. Think about your favourite films and TV shows. What do you like about them? Do you relate to a character’s choices? Does your heart beat faster when they encounter conflict or a new relationship?


We want you to tell us a story.
The theme is Identity.
It can be a script, a short story, a poem, or any other written form. You may have as many or as few characters as you please.All genres welcome (e.g. drama, comedy, mystery, sci-fi, horror, romance, action, etc…) Your entry may be any length between 1-10 pages (A4 typed)


£500 Graeme Keeton Bursary

Terms & Conditions

  1. You must have accepted your place as an applicant to receive the bursary  – and it will only be offered to someone who enrols with Screen and Film School Birmingham in September 2021
  2. You will only receive the £500 after completing Semester 1 of Year 1
  3. You must meet the entry requirements outlined in your offer
  4. This is a unique and exclusive bursary and will not impact your eligibility to apply for the Fair Access Fund or low-income bursary


Midnight on Wednesday 30th June 2021


All submissions should be sent to [email protected] by the 30th June 2021 to be in with a chance of winning the bursary.

The best of luck to all entrants!



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