Screen and Film School Brighton Seamus McGarvey Scholarship winner announced

25 August, 2021

Screen and Film School Brighton are delighted to announce the winner of this year’s Seamus McGarvey Scholarship, Jasmine Gregory.

The life changing £30,000 scholarship will cover the 3-year undergraduate degree tuition fees for the lucky student, as well as providing the opportunity to be mentored by Brighton’s brilliant Patron, Seamus. From a group of talented and diverse applicants, the final decision on who he could best support on their onward filmmaking journey was left in the world-famous cinematographer’s hands.

Seamus, who was announced as a Patron for Screen and Film School Brighton back in May, had this to say about Jasmine and her portfolio: 

“Jasmine’s films are very accomplished. She shows intellectual curiosity and artistic ingenuity in all of her work. Her desire to learn about cinema and develop a personal style is already evident, even in this early stage of her filmmaking career. I know she will really benefit from the course and I look forward to seeing her work evolve and expand during her time at Screen and Film School Brighton.”

Jasmine, who attended Cirencester College, was understandably ecstatic that somebody as revered as Seamus nominated her. Here’s how she described the moment she found out about the great news: 

“It was such a massive relief! I was actually packing to move at the time and my heart just dropped when I saw the email. I screamed and my mum came in and screamed with me! It took a couple of minutes for us to calm down and properly read the kind words that Seamus sent.” 

It was thrilling to hear how much the opportunity meant to Jasmine. When asked what the scholarship could mean to her filmmaking journey going forwards this is what she had to say: 

“Having someone as renowned as Seamus even looking at my work means more than I can put into words. Being recognised for the hard work that I put in has only motivated me to continue my progression as a filmmaker and this scholarship will certainly help me get there.” 

Northern Ireland-born Seamus, who has received two Academy Award nominations for his cinematography, also provided useful and positive feedback for the other shortlisted scholarship candidates, and expressed how he is keen to see how they all progress with their studies at Screen and Film School Brighton. There is little doubt that Seamus will interact with all of those candidates in the coming years, and he will nurture their talents alongside Jasmine, who he will mentor throughout her undergraduate degree.  

Screen and Film School Brighton College Principal Itziar Leighton was also thrilled at the scholarship announcement: 

“We are beyond excited to have Seamus as our Patron, and the scholarship in his name provides a wonderful opportunity and recognition of an exciting and promising talent. Seamus personally reviewed all of the applications, and provided the candidates with some insightful feedback, which I am sure they will find very useful on their creative journies. The scholarship awarded to Jasmine was truly deserved, and both myself and Seamus look forward to witnessing how she develops and what she goes on to achieve over the next three years.” 

We look forward to following Jasmine’s journey as she hones her craft, explores her creativity and follows her passion, all helped by our world-renowned Patron, Seamus McGarvey.  



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