Screen and Film School Brighton’s therapy dog Harvey takes centre stage in student film

1 December, 2020

Everyone who’s visited Screen and Film School Brighton knows how much we love our therapy dog Harvey.

A full-time member of the student support team, Harvey can be found at our London Road site during the working week, helping to break down barriers and enable our students to access support alongside a healthy dose of his wagging tail and calm nature. Now, thanks to third year student Amy Collins, Harvey is set to take the centre stage in his very own documentary: Harvey’s Story.

Harvey’s Story will be a 5-10-minute cinematic documentary featuring scribble and glowing animation, as well as a voice over documenting Harvey’s thoughts. We caught up with Amy this week to hear a little bit more about the project, and even got an exclusive look at some of the test footage which you can check out below!

“The piece will be filmed from Harvey’s perspective. We will be filming Harvey on his day-to-day duties as a dog. I would like to show the abstract minds of Harvey with the use of camera equipment, including a go-pro/go-pro harness, and DSLR. This will be a light-hearted documentary with lots of close ups of Harvey’s features; focusing on the positive attributes animals give us humans, as well as looking into Harvey’s specialism, which is being a therapy dog and how this is beneficial to us as humans.

My aim is to film Harvey doing the things he loves so he feels most comfortable in front of the camera. We will be attaching a go-pro harness to Harvey’s body and letting him walk around our university campus to see what he gets up too. Not only will we be able to see what Harvey does when he is on his own, we can also see other students’ reactions towards him and showing all the love that Harvey receives on a day-to-day basis.”


We can’t wait to see the finished film!
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