Screen and Film School celebrates the end of the academic year with events bonanza

20 June, 2023

As the academic year draws to a close, it’s time to reflect on the remarkable achievements of the talented students at Screen and Film School.

From Birmingham to Brighton and Manchester, our campuses have been buzzing with creativity, and what better way to celebrate their hard work than through a series of brilliant screenings? These events not only showcase the incredible films produced by our students but also serve as a platform for them to bask in the glory of their accomplishments. Join us as we take a closer look at the end-of-year events held at our three university campuses and revel in the magic of cinema.


On a memorable Wednesday at the end of May, the Mockingbird Cinema in Birmingham hosted its first-ever student film screening. It was a day of glamour and anticipation as students gathered to witness their films on the big screen alongside their peers.

The event kicked off with a showcase of music videos created by the first-year students, who collaborated with their talented BIMM music counterparts. Following that, the renowned Weaver Brothers graced the occasion with a Festival Masterclass, sharing insights into their successful debut feature, Cosmos, which received a Hollywood premiere, a theatrical release, and streams worldwide on Paramount+, Prime and Hulu and got a Hollywood management as well as a second feature deal.

After enjoying a complimentary  lunch break of burgers and fries at The Old Crown, the remainder of the day unfolded with first-year students presenting their fictional short films, while the second-year students screened their captivating five-minute documentaries.

The event culminated with the second-year students showcasing their experimental films they had made as part of the course as well as any work they had done outside of the Film School. With over 80 students in attendance, and every student having at least one film screened, the atmosphere was electric.

The Mockingbird Cinema team deserves special appreciation for their incredible support, and we encourage our students to explore the diverse range of screenings offered at the cinema with their discounted student memberships. Josh Rai, Head of Education, noted: “It was amazing to see the students buzzing to see their work on the big screen – they all worked incredibly hard, and produced a broad range of work. They should all be really proud, as are all staff. I cannot wait to see what films they produce in the coming year.”

Student President Anna Piggot-Reeves reflected on the success of the event saying:

“Being able to see my own work on screen was an amazing experience, it really helped to show the potential myself and my classmates have in the industry. Seeing my own name in the credits was just so inspirational, I can’t wait to create more work to submit to future festivals!” 


In the vibrant city of Brighton, our third-year filmmaking students arrived at the prestigious Duke of York’s Picturehouse, one of the oldest running cinemas in the UK, for the highly anticipated end-of-year screening of their final major projects.

As the sun beamed down on the red carpet, it added an extra touch of magic to the already electrifying atmosphere. Students, accompanied by their proud families, friends, crew members, and cast, stepped onto the red carpet with an air of confidence and excitement – their outfits reflected their unique personalities, with fancy gowns, sharp suits, and bold fashion statements stealing the show.

The day was divided into two screenings, with a morning and an afternoon session, allowing ample time for each film to be showcased in all its splendour. As the lights in the Duke of York’s Picturehouse dimmed and the cinema projector flickered to life, a hush fell over the audience. The screen came alive with vivid imagery, captivating storytelling, and powerful performances. Each film stood as a testament to the years of hard work, dedication, and artistic vision poured into its creation.

The quality, diversity, and originality of the student films left a lasting impression on everyone in attendance. The diverse array of genres on display was a testament to the students’ creativity and versatility: from heart-warming dramas to thrilling action-packed adventures, thought-provoking documentaries to innovative experimental pieces, every film offered a unique perspective and showcased the students’ prowess as emerging filmmakers.

College principal Itziar Leighton said at the event:

“Today is one of the days myself and everyone at Screen and Film School look forward to as a key date in our diary, and this year was a resounding success. I was so impressed by the quality, diversity and originality. It was clear just how much hard work and determination has been applied to produce films to such a high quality. I have already received comments from our industry partners and patrons saying how impressed they were with our students graduate films. It’s clear from today, our industry is in safe hands. Huge congratulations to our student and thank you to all of the staff for their support and encouragement of students.” 


The end-of-year screening at Screen and Film School Manchester was a true celebration of the students’ hard work and progress throughout the year. Held at the Everyman Cinema, the event resembled a film festival, with a meticulous selection process ensuring the most creative and technically accomplished works were showcased.

The films spanned various genres, including music videos, narratives, documentaries, and experimental pieces. As the screenings unfolded, the atmosphere was charged with anticipation and pride. Between the screenings, students from different years had the opportunity to connect and collaborate during a networking event, mirroring the dynamic nature of the film industry.

The event concluded with an awards ceremony, where the achievements of the students were acknowledged across categories such as editing, cinematography, production design, sound, producing, costume design, directing, screenwriting, documentary, music video, and best film. The event left a lasting impression on the students, instilling a sense of pride in their growth as filmmakers and setting the stage for a promising future.

Manchester Student Blogger and second year student Chloe Bush was in attendance, saying:

“The end of year screening was a really cool chance to celebrate the end of our assignments and the projects that we’ve made throughout the year. I felt really proud to see all the films that everyone had worked so hard on, and I feel that you can see the increase in quality of the work since first year, which shows how much we’ve learnt and how we’re all finding our unique voices as filmmakers. It’s always a magical experience to see your own work on a cinema screen and I feel it was the perfect end to another amazing year at Screen and Film School.” 

As we bid farewell to another extraordinary academic year, we cannot help but be inspired by the passion, talent, and dedication displayed by our students. These end-of-year events provided a platform for them to showcase their creative brilliance and marked the beginning of a new chapter in their filmmaking journey. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the students, faculty, and staff who made these events a resounding success. The films screened at these events are a testament to the bright future of the film industry, with our students poised to make significant contributions.

As we eagerly anticipate the year ahead, we look forward to witnessing the magic that our students will create, and we remain committed to providing them with the guidance, support, and education they need to soar to greater heights.



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